Pani Puri Passion: My Love Story in Every Bite

Pani puri, the crispy orbs of joy that stole my heart. Here’s my short poem about the everlasting love I have for this Indian street food delight. One bite was all it took to become infatuated. Pani puri’s crispiness, the spicy potato filling, and that tangy pani – it was love at first bite! From Pune to Delhi, I’ve sought […]

10 Ways You Can Help A Friend With Depression

Depression can affect anyone. Yet, it is still an illness that many people don’t understand. People talk about mental illness much more than they used to. Even so, there is still a stigma attached to mental health. A stigma that prevents many people from being open about depression. If you have a friend with depression, it can be difficult to […]

The Irresistible Pull

In a crowded cafe, their eyes locked, and a spark ignited.With a shared smile, their hearts began to dance to the rhythm of love. From stolen glances to intertwined fingers, their connection grew,Painting their lives with vibrant hues. Under the umbrella’s protective shield,Passions unveiled, desires unconcealed. Raindrops fell, a sensual symphony,Their bodies entwined, in harmonious harmony. In that intimate space, […]


I’ve been following signsI’ve been searching through the landsFor a certain pair of armsAnd a certain pair of hands I thought I saw your footstepsin the sand along the shore.I mumbled empty phrasesthat sang so well before. That ravishing touch of your warm hands.Inching each part.. taking the restlessness at peak.. makes the cravings long for more. I wish that […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 14

Day 14. January-24. Puri We hired a car for roaming around Puri and had planned to go to Chilika Lake near Satpada. We hired a boat from there and started out boat trip around 10:00 which lasted till evening. It was really an amazing experience. We saw some Dolphins but too fast for my camera as they were not in […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 13

Gopalpur to Puri We had heavy filling breakfast at our resort at Gopalpur and left from Gopalpur around 8:00a.m. vidula and Sumati will be driving today. The drive was almost 150kms from Gopalpur to Puri. It was refreshing and filled with heartwarming landscapes, fields and lots of migrated birdies. I guess this whole area starting from Pulicat and all the […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 12

Vishakapatnam to Odissa (Gopalpur) January 22. We left from Vizag around 9:00-9:30a.m. for Gopalpur which is around 300kms today’s drive was bit longer as compared to other days. While leaving Vishakapatnam I wasn’t feeling so good, I think it was the city I felt in love with or may be the place we visited last night. I will definitely come […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 11

Kakinada to Vishakapatnam January 21. We started early today from Kakinada and reached Vishakapatnam aka Vizag around 12:00-12:30 p.m. to Vishakapatnam. I liked this place so much it has so much positive vibes around. One of my Neighbor Rashi Gupta is also from Vizag she always have so many lovely things to say about her hometown now I know why. […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 10

Vijaywada to Kakinada aka Coringa. January – 20. We had light breakfast at our Hotel in Vijaywada and left for Kakinada we’ve a new companion now. Sumati Madiman, she is a good driver and really perky. She can talk about anything and everything which made this drive more exciting and I’m really looking forward to know her more. I was […]