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My Difficult Decision

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be”‘It all started with a call from a friend.. ‘I was busy and happy with my routine life.And then I got a call from a friend asking me to be a part of a women’s drive in the coastal […]

Coastal Diaries Day – 12

Vishakapatnam to Odissa (Gopalpur) January 22. We left from Vizag around 9:00-9:30a.m. for Gopalpur which is around 300kms today’s drive was bit longer as compared to other days. While leaving Vishakapatnam I wasn’t feeling so good, I think it was the city I felt in love with or may be the place we visited last night. I will definitely come […]

The Confetti Method: Anger management technique.

To manage anger, imagine you’re a superhero with the power to turn Anger into Confetti (confetti meaning- small bits of brightly coloured paper made for throwing at weddings and birthday parties) and every time you get mad, you imagine a colourful explosion of confetti instead of getting upset. It’s a fun way to diffuse anger and add a little humour […]

Automatic Negative Thoughts

Automatic negative thoughts, often abbreviated as ANTs, are those spontaneous and pessimistic thoughts that pop into your mind, affecting your mood and overall outlook. These thoughts can be unhelpful and even harmful if they become a regular pattern. Here are a few strategies to combat them: 1. Awareness: Recognize when these thoughts occur. Pay attention to the triggers or situations […]

Pani Puri Passion: My Love Story in Every Bite

Pani puri, the crispy orbs of joy that stole my heart. Here’s my short poem about the everlasting love I have for this Indian street food delight. One bite was all it took to become infatuated. Pani puri’s crispiness, the spicy potato filling, and that tangy pani – it was love at first bite! From Pune to Delhi, I’ve sought […]

3 Critical Red Flags in Relationships

In the complex world of relationships, it’s essential to be vigilant for red flags that may signal potential problems. While numerous signs can indicate issues, here are three critical red flags that should never be ignored: 1. Lack of Communication: Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. When open and honest communication breaks down, it’s a significant red flag. […]

Social Media and Mental Health

The Impact of Online Replies on Mental Health In our increasingly interconnected world, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Social media platforms, discussion forums, and email have transformed the way we communicate and share information. While these digital tools offer numerous benefits, they also come with a unique set of challenges, particularly concerning the impact […]

Book your first ‘Free session’ now.

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Negativity And Strained Relationships

In every relationship, whether it’s romantic, familial, or even professional, challenges are inevitable. However, how these challenges are approached can significantly affect the dynamic between individuals. Negativity, when left unchecked, can have a profound impact on strained relationships, worsening issues and potentially leading to irreparable damage. 1) The Escalation of Conflict: When negativity becomes a dominant force within a tense […]

5 Essential Things For Clients To Consider In Therapy

1. Openness and Honesty: Being open and honest with your therapist is crucial for effective therapy. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns without holding back. 2. Active Participation: Engage actively in the therapy process. Participate in discussions, complete assignments, and apply the insights gained in your daily life. 3. Patience: Therapy is a gradual process. Be patient with yourself and […]

Silent Struggles: The Mental Health of Newborns’ Fathers

While discussions about postpartum mental health often centre around mothers, it’s essential to recognize that new fathers can also experience a range of emotions during the transition to parenthood. In this blog, we’ll explore the often-overlooked topic of the mental health of newborns’ fathers and shed light on the challenges they might face. 1. Expectations and Identity Shift: Becoming a […]

Sitting Posture: A Shortcut to Better Mental Health

In the hustle of daily life, we often overlook a simple yet powerful tool for enhancing our mental well-being: ‘our sitting posture’. How we sit doesn’t just impact our physical comfort; it can profoundly affect our mental state too. 1. Uplift Your Mood: Maintaining an upright posture can boost your mood and confidence. Slouching, on the other hand, might contribute […]