10 Ways You Can Help A Friend With Depression

10 Ways You Can Help A Friend With Depression

Depression can affect anyone. Yet, it is still an illness that many people don’t understand. People talk about mental illness much more than they used to. Even so, there is still a stigma attached to mental health. A stigma that prevents many people from being open about depression. If you have a friend with depression, it can be difficult to know what you can do to help them. Here are ten ways that you can help a friend who is suffering from depression.

1. Patience: Recovery takes time; be patient and understanding.

2. Professional Help: Encourage therapy or counselling.

3. Supportive Environment: Create a safe space for them to express themselves.

4. Medication: Help monitor and follow-up.

5. Assist Daily Tasks: Help with meals, cleaning, etc.

6. Healthy Habits: Promote exercise, balanced diet, and sleep.

7. Enjoyable Activities: Encourage past hobbies.

8. Emotional Support: Offer encouragement and reassurance.

9. Learn About Depression: Educate yourself on the condition.

10. Self-Care: Prioritise your well-being too.

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