Pani Puri Passion: My Love Story in Every Bite

Pani puri, the crispy orbs of joy that stole my heart. Here’s my short poem about the everlasting love I have for this Indian street food delight. One bite was all it took to become infatuated. Pani puri’s crispiness, the spicy potato filling, and that tangy pani – it was love at first bite! From Pune to Delhi, I’ve sought […]

The Irresistible Pull

In a crowded cafe, their eyes locked, and a spark ignited.With a shared smile, their hearts began to dance to the rhythm of love. From stolen glances to intertwined fingers, their connection grew,Painting their lives with vibrant hues. Under the umbrella’s protective shield,Passions unveiled, desires unconcealed. Raindrops fell, a sensual symphony,Their bodies entwined, in harmonious harmony. In that intimate space, […]


I’ve been following signsI’ve been searching through the landsFor a certain pair of armsAnd a certain pair of hands I thought I saw your footstepsin the sand along the shore.I mumbled empty phrasesthat sang so well before. That ravishing touch of your warm hands.Inching each part.. taking the restlessness at peak.. makes the cravings long for more. I wish that […]