Coastal Diaries Day – 13

Gopalpur to Puri
We had heavy filling breakfast at our resort at Gopalpur and left from Gopalpur around 8:00a.m. vidula and Sumati will be driving today. The drive was almost 150kms from Gopalpur to Puri. It was refreshing and filled with heartwarming landscapes, fields and lots of migrated birdies. I guess this whole area starting from Pulicat and all the way towards Puri is full with migrated birds during this season of the year. That is one of the reason for many beautiful sanctuaries around this area.
I was sitting at the back seat so got a chance to capture some amazing flicks.


We reached Puri around 12:00p.m had lunch and went to take the blessings of Lord Jaganath . Thr temple was good not clean though the Idol was colourful and very well maintained but the people specially the pandas here are ruining the essence of the place by commercialising and cussing the devotees about how god will curse if they don’t give money or if You won’t buy prasaad there. Which was a bit disheartening though. But the Temple is amazing, I liked the Carving near the Sthambs but sadly, that too is fading away as a new white and red cemented construction is coming on it.
The temple is popular as one of the four dhams. Puri sees millions of devotees throng the Jagannath Temple premises throughout the year seeking the blessings of Lord.
The security follows some rules before allowing the devotees inside. They will ask you your religion. I’m thankful he didn’t ask me my Gotra. As only Hindus are allowed to visit the temple.
We roamed around the place for awhile, tried some delicacies and also booked a cab for Tomorrow for Chilika and left for hotel.
Our car was sent for servicing at a Mahindra service centre.
Then we grabbed a chance to capture the blissful Sunset while coming back to our hotel.
Puri offers the tourist the rare opportunity of witnessing the colourful Sun rise and Sun set at the same place.
Which is rare.
This was the view from our hotel 😀

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