Coastal Diaries Day – 10

Vijaywada to Kakinada aka Coringa.
January – 20.

We had light breakfast at our Hotel in Vijaywada and left for Kakinada we’ve a new companion now. Sumati Madiman, she is a good driver and really perky. She can talk about anything and everything which made this drive more exciting and I’m really looking forward to know her more. I was little bit finicky about Andra Pradesh initially but somehow I felt I hardly know Andhra Pradesh and especially esthetic wise. Telangana and Andra Pradesh is not at all same. I really loved the roads and infrastructure here. Whereas at times I hated Hyderabad roads.
The ride was quite delightful today. We passed Godavari river as most of this area is surrounded by Godavari. We reached around 12:30-1:00 p.m. The hotel was ok but the staff was really very kind.


After having lunch we headed to Coringa Wild Life Sanctuary. Which wasn’t a sanctuary at all and definitely nothing related to Wildlife either. I guess there should be some wild animals or birds but can be viewed only in the interior of the sanctuary. Where local people or normal tourist aren’t allowed. There was a long wooden bridge so we clicked a lot of pics there.
At the entry gate the lady demanded me for Rs.200 each by saying ‘We need to pay that as we are Tourists’ I was so amused and also bit agitated by the comment. Sumati still laughs about this scene that people calling us tourists. Even later on that wooden bridge ‘People came to us and asked us get our pictures clicked with them’ that was really weird. But we agreed and thought of it as a new experience and enjoyed the attention 😄


Then Vidula insisted that we should go to Yanam. Yanam [French: Yanaon] is a town in the Indian union territory of Pondicherry. There was not much to explore so we came back to Kakinada.


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