Zen Techniques

Zen Techniques

Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasises meditation and mindfulness to attain enlightenment. Some Zen techniques include:

1. Zazen: Sitting meditation, focusing on your breath or a koan (a paradoxical question or statement).

2. Kinhin: Walking meditation, where every step is mindful and deliberate.

3. Koans: Riddles or paradoxical questions to contemplate deeply.

4. Sesshin: Intensive meditation retreats, often lasting several days.

5. Mindful eating: Eating with full awareness of each bite.

6. Shikantaza: “Just sitting” without a specific focus, allowing thoughts to come and go.

7. Rinzai and Soto practices: Different Zen schools with unique approaches to meditation.

Zen aims to cultivate mindfulness, presence, and a deeper understanding of the self and reality.

Practise this at least for 5-7 minutes each day.

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