Consistency Is The Key

Consistency serves as the foundation for a life filled with balance and fulfilment, especially during the morning time when cortisol levels are high. By consistently engaging in positive habits and activities, such as daily exercise, journaling, or spending quality time with loved ones, you create a framework for sustained well-being. These regular practices contribute to your mental, physical, and emotional […]

Zen Techniques

Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasises meditation and mindfulness to attain enlightenment. Some Zen techniques include: 1. Zazen: Sitting meditation, focusing on your breath or a koan (a paradoxical question or statement). 2. Kinhin: Walking meditation, where every step is mindful and deliberate. 3. Koans: Riddles or paradoxical questions to contemplate deeply. 4. Sesshin: Intensive meditation retreats, often […]

Left on Read

Being left on read in today’s digital age has become a common occurrence in our lives, thanks to the prevalence of messaging apps and social media. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, the act of being ignored or left without a response can have a significant impact on our mental health. In this blog, we will explore the […]

Its Okay To Cry

Its okay to cry, the sky does it too. Tears have stress hormones which are released when we cry.Holding back tears gets stress stuck in the body. Stress impacts the pain we experience and over time, contributes to the development of chronic illnesses.Many chronic illnesses are literally unprocessed emotions. #psychologyfacts #psychologist #mentalhealthawareness #tearsaregood

Alternate Solutions To Same Problem

Alternate solutions to same problem. When you find yourself seemingly stuck in a negative mood, an uncomfortable place, or a difficult situation, ask yourself, Can I turn my head? In other words, is there another way to view this situation, a broader perspective to take, perhaps filled with more awe and gratitude? We cannot force this shift in perspective, but […]