Do you want to be happier, have more influence, be a better decision-maker, and be a more effective leader? Self-awareness, then, is the most important muscle you need to develop. It’s what will keep you on target to be the best a version of yourself and the best leader you can be.

Psychologists Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund proposed this definition:
Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions do or don’t align with your internal standards. If you’re highly self-aware, you can objectively evaluate yourself, manage your emotions, align your behaviour with your values, and understand correctly how others perceive you.”

Benefits of Self-awareness

Here are some examples of common benefits of self-awareness:

~It gives us the power to influence outcomes.
~It helps us to become better decision-makers.
~It gives us more self-confidence — so, as a result, we communicate with clarity and intention.
~It allows us to understand things from multiple perspectives.
~It frees us from our assumptions and biases.
~It helps us build better relationships.
~It gives us a greater ability to regulate our emotions.
~It decreases stress.
~It makes us happier.

How to become a more self-aware person

~Envision yourself.
~Keep a journal.
~Practice mindfulness.
~Indulge yourself in your favourite art/hobby.
~Seek professional help.

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