Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself.

Our beliefs are a culmination of what we accept and what we do not. They are a summary of our predominant thoughts and experiences. If we believe we are able to do a particular thing, we will consciously and often and unconsciously act to achieve it.

A belief is not a notion or a thought or an idea. It’s 100 percent agreement that something is true for us. If we believe that something will occur, we will ensure it does, because we also like being right.

John Davidson writes in his book, ‘A concentrated mind is able to control physical matter and manipulate the law of nature. This is how the miracles associated with yogis and holy men are performed. It is also the means by which paranormal phenomena take place. All spiritual practices entail concentration of the mind, whether it is prayer, meditation, telling of beads or some other technique.’

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