How To Smile A Genuine Smile

How To Smile A Genuine Smile

A smile is powerful. It can lift moods, inspire empathy, or calm nerves, even without perfect teeth.

Researchers who study the effects of human smiles know that the Duchenne smile is among the most influential of human expressions.

A Duchenne smile is a genuine smile that engages the muscles around both the mouth and the eyes. This type of smile causes the corners of the mouth to turn up and the skin around the eyes to crinkle, forming crow’s feet. Named after the French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who studied facial expressions, the Duchenne smile is widely recognized as an authentic expression of true happiness.

For example – when a person wins a game or receives a surprise gift, their smile typically includes crinkling around the eyes, indicating genuine delight.

Duchenne smiles can improve mood and foster social bonds. They are associated with positive psychological states and can enhance interpersonal connections.

Studies show that Duchenne smiles are linked to longer life spans and greater well-being. People who frequently display Duchenne smiles tend to experience more positive social interactions.

Fake it till you make it. đŸ™‚

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