18 Journal Prompts for Mental Health

18 Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Prompts can give you direction and focus in your journal each day. You don’t necessarily need to use or follow a prompt every day, but if you’re ever having a hard time getting started, try one of the following to keep your momentum going. 

  1. List X thing or things you’re grateful for
  2. Talk about the day you just had (evening journal)
  3. Talk about your goals for the day (morning journal)
  4. Identify a personal or professional goal; list X ways you’ll work towards achieving it
  5. List your coping mechanisms and discuss how well they’re working for you 
  6. Do a 5 and 5 entry: Where you were 5 years ago; Where you want to be in 5 more years
  7. Write a letter to your 10/20/40-year old self
  8. Write a letter to your body; it can be an apology letter, a love letter, or a motivational letter
  9. Describe who you are to someone you don’t know
  10. Write down X emotions you regularly feel
  11. Write a REMINDER entry to read on a bad day
  12. Talk about the best goal you’ve ever reached.
  13. If you could be granted 3 wishes…
  14. What’s your purpose in life?
  15. Revisit your first memory
  16. What is your biggest challenge in life right now?
  17. What do you want to improve on?
  18. What were the worst and best days of your life?

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