Be your Biggest Supporter

Be your Biggest Supporter

  • Speak Kindly to Yourself: Instead of scolding yourself for mistakes, offer words of encouragement. For instance, if you make a small error at work, remind yourself, “It’s okay to make mistakes; they’re opportunities to learn and grow.”
  •  Support yourself first: Rather than seeking validation from others, acknowledge your accomplishments independently. For example, if you finish a project at home, celebrate the effort you put in, regardless of whether anyone else acknowledges it.
  • Connect with Your Past and Future Selves: Take moments to reflect on past challenges overcome and future aspirations. For instance, write a letter to your younger self expressing pride in how far you’ve come, or create a vision board outlining your future goals and aspirations.

Repeat this- 

I will, Talk gently to myself.

I will, Appreciate being me.

I will, Address my Higher and Younger Self

from time-to-time.

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