Coastal Diaries Day – 9

Nellore to Vijaywada.
As it was just two of us, Me and Vidula, we started early today. On the way we stopped by a shack and had some amazing south Indian breakfast.


I drove almost 200kms today. We reached Vijaywada around 12:00p.m. met Sumati Madiman, our new cotraveller. I was so relived to see her. She added the much required freshness to the drive.
We freshen up and left for ‘Gora Science Centre‘ there we met so many amazing people. We met Subha, her uncles and her Grandmother (Daughter of Mr.Gora), theyall are actually the descendants of Mr. Gora.


Gora Science Centre‘ was started by Mr.Gora and Saraswati Gora in 1961. The centre with its interactive touch, feel and explore popular science exhibits helps people to understand basic scientific principles and develop critical inquiry. The centre adopts scientific strategies to investigative the claims of the paranormal and godmen. It also focuses awareness building on witchcraft and sorcery and their impact on children and women.
They were waiting for us, we had lunch there. Homemade lunch ahh after a long time.(I loved the Tomato-Baingan Thecha)
Then we visited the centre. And later a reporter from ‘The HinduMrs. Sujhatha Verma, took our interview for her newspaper. Which was so enthralling. While answering her queries I’d this self realization my excitement and guilt regarding the trip that ‘how we all want a break from our routine. It isn’t about the people or place but the same old routine we’re following and yes enjoying it though. Still a break like this makes you feel completely free and rejuvenates your soul.’
On the way to Vijaywada somewhere near Guntur we stopped by a milestone and were so happy to know that the team has already covered almost 3500 kms till now and that again is an achievement in itself 🙂


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