In mental health terms, a trigger refers to something that affects your emotional state, often significantly, by causing extreme overwhelm or distress.

A trigger affects your ability to remain present in the moment. It may bring up specific thought patterns or influence your behaviour.

In recent years, people have started including trigger warnings for content dealing with a range of topics, including:

  • homophobia or transphobia
  • rape and other forms of sexual violence
  • child abuse
  • violence
  • incest
  • animal abuse or death
  • racism
  • self-harm
  • suicide
  • pregnancy-related issues
  • eating disorders
  • sizeism or fat shaming

It has nothing to do with being “too sensitive”

The way to eliminate trigger responses altogether is to work on healing the underlying emotional injury within yourself.

Heres how:

  • Identify the emotional injury within.
  • Feel it and grieve it.
  • Resolve and complete the feelings.
  • Make a decision to change.

This involves both right brain and left brain work. Your right brain does the reacting, feeling, and remembering. Your left brain contains the solution to the decision to change. The left brain will help you cognitively by analysing and changing the beliefs attached to the trigger responses.

Use your left brain to challenge dysfunctional beliefs, replacing them with healing beliefs. Instead of, ‘I can’t handle this’, say, ‘I don’t necessarily enjoy this feeling, but it will pass and I can survive it’.

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