How Our Minds Shape Reality

1. Our minds possess the remarkable ability to evolve and adapt, influencing our outcomes with a positive mindset. 2. Filtering mechanisms within our minds selectively delete, distort, and generalise incoming information. 3. Deep within our unconscious lies a repository of experiences that mould our perception of the world around us. 4. Despite the overwhelming influx of information, our conscious minds […]

Beauty In Chaos

Life can be a bit like a puzzle, right? Sometimes it gets all mixed up and feels a bit chaotic. But guess what? Even in the messiest moments, there’s something beautiful to discover about yourself. 1. It’s Okay to Feel a Little Lost Ever felt like everything’s a bit crazy inside your head? Totally okay! It’s like finding your way […]

Tips for coping with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be challenging, but these tips can help- To thrive: 1. Self-care: Prioritise well-being. 2. Mindfulness: Practise to stay grounded. 3. Realistic goals: Celebrate progress. 4. Support: Share with trusted ones. 5. Learn: Mistakes are opportunities. With effort and support, you can conquer social anxiety and thrive socially. Do consult the experts- book your first free session now. […]

A Journey From Distress To Well-being

Eustress (Good stress) and Distress are terms that categorise different types of stress. At one end of the spectrum is distress, which involves negative feelings and is often a difficult experience. At the other end is eustress, which is challenging but rewarding and leads us to mental and physical well-being. How to promote Eustress (Good stress) People can promote eustress […]