Day-67, Lockdown

Day 67, it’s going to be day 70 in three days time. My holidays are finally finishing, and well I’m seeing my friends again. So much has changed in the past 67 days. Almost every wonderful thing felt like it has been snatched away, but now they are all slowly returning. Things have finally started going back to normal, the […]

Day-67, Lockdown

imagination Hope I look forward to waking up each day,I look forward to come back here.This blissful place that I’ve created,This mindful space devoid of fear.Only happy thoughts can enter,The ones I’ve barely got.This is my centre,It is my core.This is my safe space,Where contentedness pours.Its where, the love I’m full of is stored.When life seems meaningless,Or when I’m simply […]

Day-66, Lockdown

Online classes. They tell us to adjust, But it feels so awful. My laziness mingled with disgust, The teachers are working hard, But what’s the point? We don’t get a thing, And that’s annoying. When she tells us to unmute ourselves, To answer a question, I go to google for help, With innocent intentions. Online classes are absurd, They make […]

Day-65, Lockdown

Today, I saw a documentary on National Geographic. It was about, how India is trying to fight coronavirus. It was really eye opening, doctors had shared footage of their hospitals, and inside their homes. They opened up about their feelings on this lockdown. One doctor was on the verge of tears as she talked about how whenever she entered the […]

Day-64, Lockdown

Freedom… Why does a balloon fly away? A sad child asked her mom. Because it wants to be free, Was the answer she got. The person that holds it back, Is the same one who lets go. The child asked another question, What if it gets lost when it flies? Somebody will answer its cries. The wings that sprouted, Won’t […]

Day-63, Lockdown

Umm, today was a Tuesday. Gosh, thats all I can think about to write. There’s a reason, why yesterday’s blog is posted so late. I has nothing to write, I wrote five different articles and deleted all of them. My brain was literally paining, not my head but my brain. I felt exhausted, because I have spent a lot of […]

Day-62, Lockdown

It was a long day today, nothing was wrong with it. It just didn’t end as quickly as it should. Some days I go to bed thinking, ‘ah, what a wonderful day it was…’ while some others I just grump off to sleep.  The days are not going fast or slow or somewhere in between. I know that doesn’t make […]

Day-59, Lockdown

I’m back in square 1. No, now I’m in square -1, I’ve just fallen back. All these days I was trying to improve my perspective, my opinion and it was starting to work. And, now suddenly I feel like I’m surrounded by negative energy. I feel restless, ready to burst into tears.  But, I don’t know why this is happening. […]