Curiosity Kills Habits

Curiosity Kills Habits

Have you ever noticed that curiosity can be a game-changer when it comes to breaking bad habits? It’s true! Some might say that curiosity is the secret sauce to success when it comes to changing your ways. So, if you’re looking to kick a bad habit to the curb, unleash your curiosity by trying out the following activities. 

Remember to do them consciously, with full awareness.

  1. Eat something you have never eaten before. It can be a great way to expand your palate and discover new flavours.
  2. Sit at a different table or chair. Moving to a new place can be exciting and enjoyable!
  3. Pick up a new book to get lost in.
  4. Watch the sky for half an hour. Try making cloud figures. Relive your childhood experiences.
  5. Take a different commute to work. Make sure to check out the recently opened stores and walk through the various alleys while making mental observations.
  6. Stop every two hours and consciously breathe. Take a mindful break. 
  7. Switch supermarkets. 
  8. You can visit a local park, playground or any place where children are playing and observe them. Just sit and enjoy watching them having fun.


Be Curious. Be Energetic. Be Alive.

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