Self-care Bingo

Self-care Bingo

Health care journeys are not always easy and self-care is one item that happens to get overlooked often. In addition to simple healthcare, even self-care can take a back seat to caring for your family or your career. This can lead to stress, anxiety, frustration, and even burnout. If you want to find a way to reconnect with yourself, your family and even your friends, taking care of yourself is the first step. It is important to make your physical and mental health a priority.

How to Play Selfcare Bingo:

To play self-care bingo you can print out this bingo card, or even draw one by hand. The board will be full of self-care ideas and tasks you can use to fill each space. You can set a time limit for yourself or even for the group that fits in with your schedules. This can be as short as a week, or as long as a month.

Every time you complete an action on the board, mark off the square, just like in regular bingo. Once you or any other player completes a line across, up and down, or diagonally, it’s a win! Award yourself with something nice that lifts your mood, or if playing with others, they win the group pot.

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