Step Out Of Autopilot For A Mindful Break.

Have you ever arrived at a destination without remembering how you got there? This happens when we operate on autopilot, lost in our thoughts and not fully present in the moment. Tara Brach, a meditation teacher, calls this a virtual reality, the opposite of Mindfulness.

To cultivate mindfulness, pause and focus on your breath. Observe a few inhales and exhales. This can help you become aware of when you’re operating on autopilot. Ask yourself if there’s something you may be avoiding by visiting this virtual reality. It’s okay if you don’t immediately have a solution; the first step is recognizing what you’re avoiding.

Compliment yourself for taking the time to listen to your own wisdom.

Being honest with yourself and recognizing when you’re avoiding important issues in your life is essential. Take the time to create space and listen to your own wisdom.

Be mindful. Be aware.

Vibrant Aura by Sejal.

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