Day-18, Lockdown

‘Every single brilliant idea we procrastinate is one step away from great things’

Procrastinating is a habit, an addictive one. I procrastinate all the time, but I ain’t proud of it. Recently I have procrastinated a lot, and my priorities have shifted. I have given more time to anything other than study. I do feel guilty at times, but still I don’t open my books and when I do, I don’t concentrate.

 This little thought scares me, I have been reminded time and again that I should be serious about ninth grade. But this lockdown has changed me, it has dulled out the flame of excitement in me, I am no more interested in doing the things that excited me earlier, now all I need is some peace and quiet. 

My top priority is getting through the day, and being happy isn’t even on my list! My parents have tried everything, but the only thing that will make me happy is seeing my friends playing with them just like the old times.

I am trying to find an upside to this lockdown, but honestly I am failing. Procrastinating is harmful, delaying an important piece of work, and then never doing it at all, I have done that many times and it does not male you look good. 

I avoid procrastinating but, when you are sitting at home, you can’t go down to play, most people would resort to video games and Netflix. I am unfortunately like most people in this contest, this is like my pet peeve. When I have work to do, but I am certainly in no mood to do it, I procrastinate and play video games, binge on Netflix.

But this flaw in me, does not change the way people should see me, my good points remain, but so do my flaws.

Procrastinating and laziness go hand in hand, and during these lockdown days they have joined hands with me 🙂

I am trying my best to fight being lazy, and so should you. Stay safe, stay active.  


Day-14, Lockdown

A Poem
When you just have to let it all out,
Then what they think,
That doesn’t count.
All days don’t have to bright,
Because, when you wipe away your tears,
It give you clear sight.
When you think you’re all alone,
And you forget to look around.
When you’re tired to the bone,
But somehow find strength,
You break through the chains, 
with which you were bound.

Today morning, while I was studying, a wonderful idea for a poem came to my mind, I jumped up and got a pencil and a paper, and wrote this poem. I just had to write it in today’s blog. This poem is about those days, when nothing feels right. When you feel down, and nothing can lift your spirits. 

The line, ‘because, when you wipe away your tears, it give you clear sight.’ Well, I wrote it because, I wanted to show how, when you cry it all out you have no more sadness left. And, now only determination is left, so when you wipe away your tears, it gives you a clear sight of what’s ahead.

The line, ‘when you think you’re all alone, and you forget to look around’ shows that, when you feel miserable and sad, you think that you’re facing your troubles all alone. Though, your loved ones are supportive and caring. You forget about them, and focus on your own problems.

This curious poem of mine, has unlocked many doors of thought in my mind today, and now I am seeing this poem in a very different light, when compared to the light hearted and casual attitude I thought of it with.

I was under the notion that this poem was supporting the thoughts of being under lockdown, and I wrote it with the same thought. But now this poem puts light on so many different problems.

I really hope you like this poem, and its short explanation.


Day-13, Lockdown

“The ability to find the light in the darkness makes a person bright”.

Today at nine o’ clock at night. Thousands and thousands of Indians came out on their balcony and terraces to light candles. Thousands showed their appreciation, and this gesture lit up the sky, both literally and figuratively.

I saw everywhere how the dark night sky looked beautiful, as people lit their diyas and lanterns.everyone was cheerful and happy. My familiar surroundings felt different, and energetic. There was cheer and joy. All the people had been cooped up inside their houses for a long times and a simple change in routine, a change in surroundings really lifted up their spirits. For ten whole minutes you could hear cheer outside and happy voices. Everyone took part in this, it felt to me a sign of unity, people whispering with hope to themselves, as they lit their diyas ‘let there be light’.

Though some people made some poor choices, they went out of their houses and burst crackers and folded around. This is going against the norms of social distancing, this movement of lighting diyas was to show our appreciation to selfless service providers in medical and general essential services, and also to unite the Indians, to fight this crisis as one nation. But the people who stepped outside their homes to talk to their friends, and took this movement as an excuse to meet them and to celebrate, burst crackers. I see no reason for celebration in this situation, my only question is, why? Why are people not understanding the seriousness, of this pandemic.

But, other than this rather foolish decision some people have made. Tonight, was magical, you didn’t need firecrackers to light up the sky, the emotions, the energy, the enthusiasm It was all really exciting and new.

My father was talking about we will be able to tell about this lockdown experience to the generations, and the way we all dealt with it will be an exciting story to tell.

Pune city was looking beautiful tonight, and the emotions too, were beautiful. 


Day-10, Lockdown

‘Very few of us are what we seem.’

Agatha Christie

Most of you must have heard of Agatha Christie, the famous author. Her books seem to captivate the reader, we feel as if the scene described by her is actually taking place. Such a wonderful writer, the genre of the books she writes is mostly murder-mystery. I like reading such stories, and in my opinion her writing style is marvellous. Truth be told, the reader doesn’t have a clue who the killer is till we reach the end of the book.

The past couple of days, I started to take an interest in her books again. I was so engrossed in the plot, that I flipped through the pages with great enthusiasm. In fact, I was so enthralled and eager to know what will happen next, that I finished two of her books in two days!

I don’t know why, but when the murderer was revealed I felt a rush inside of me. This wasn’t a usual rush of happiness, but I was actually sad because the book had ended. Seeing that I have no important work to do anyways and practically nowhere to go. I decided to start another one of her books.

Agatha Christie was a wonderful writer, she always has the reader on the edge of their seats. She encourages the readers to use their imagination, and put their detective skills to work, how you may ask? Well, as we read more of the story, the characters reveal and uncover more clues, some creative readers try to put two and two together to see if they themselves can guess who the murderer is. So, to confirm our suspicions, we are vaguely encouraged by the author to read more.

Of course ( and I speak with experience), when the culprit is found in the end, he or she is a person most readers may not have expected to be at all. And this bewildering fact, makes some of us slightly grin. Because, when the person who uncovered the killer, explains how his or her suspicions were confirmed, we retrace our own steps and some like me laugh at our own selves, about how we were so wrong.

Today, Agatha Christie has been on my mind and I thought it would be fair to write about her stories and novels. I recommend her books, as they are good for passing time and keeping you on your feet.

By the way, the two books I have read are, The Body In the Library & Sparkling Cyanide. Tomorrow I  am going to read, ‘And then There Were None

Like most people stuck at home, when you are free, read these books, as they are for all ages and are worth reading…

Day-9, Lockdown

‘Happy April fools!’

That is today’s quote. I haven’t fooled anyone today, mostly because I am not very good at it, and because I haven’t met any of my friends face to face. Usually, every year on April 1, I go to school and in the evening I go down to play. And my friends and I always have a blast, this day gives us a reason to prank each other, and if the person being pranked gets angry, well we have a good excuse. This day gives us a reason to laugh and make fools of ourselves. Though we do it every day, today me and my friends have got a reason for our playful behaviour.

Today was different though, we were all sitting inside in our homes. All of us had wonderful ideas but, we could not use them. Some of us pranked through calls, but it wasn’t the same as when we meet and talk face to face. Though the results of failed pranking were somewhat hilarious I did feel a little sad on not being able to meet any of my friends.

Honestly, I never really thought I’d be saying this, but I miss my friends. All of them, even the ones that irritated me.

Photo by Dennis Magati on Pexels.com

I have many types of friends, the ones who are close to me, the ones who just love joking around, and even those who just hang around me to find mistakes in me. I have some friends who I don’t like being around, mostly because they are always comparing, they always find faults, they have to show off their possessions, these ‘friends’ bring out the worst in me. I believe such friends are called toxic friends. The word describes the friendship, this word defines the friendship.

I am weak towards those who can easily manipulate, I feel I don’t understand human nature at times. These friends are difficult to handle, hard to leave and tiring to be with. The only solution is to speak your mind, but I feel I have no right to advise the reader how to leave such ‘friends’ that would make me a hypocrite, because I too have not taken action.

This is ironic, I started the article by talking about the wonderful time I have with my friends, and I ended up talking about my rocky friendship, and I have given you a glimpse of my ‘bad side’, so to say. I talked about hatred, and not having guts. I am sorry to have ended on a dark note, on a day which is meant to be light and cheerful. But, I was just giving you a ride in my train of thoughts. Thank you for understanding dear readers.


Day-8, Lock-down

Writer’s Block— that’s what I’m experiencing today. Looking at my keyboard for long, I came up with following. Love to share with you all.

Lying there on her bed,
her mind is in an idle state.
Suddenly a wonderful idea clicks in her head.
She jumps off,
And takes her keyboard,
She wipes the dust away,
She hadn’t used it in days.
Her fingers twitch with excitement,
In her mind a picture she tries to paint.
As she clicks the keys,
A story is woven,
With letters like fine thread,
It was just like her mother had said,
It was better than just lying in bed.
The wonderful sound the keyboard made,
It was music to her ears,
It wiped away her tears,
When she was sad,
Other times,
It just made her glad,
To have a friend,
That only extraordinary people have had...

Thank you for your wonderful reviews and comments, definitely helping me to become better in what I’m doing. Stay Safe and Take Care


Day-7, Lockdown

‘Change takes place everywhere, but only a few people welcome it.’

Doesn’t this quote make sense to you? You might have noticed in lots of situations that some people do not like change and try to run away from it. I heard somewhere that ‘change is nature.’ And I have to admit that I agree with the person.

I can give you an example from the situation we are all going through, the lockdown. Suddenly, we see all the shops are closed, and the roads are empty. Most of the population is sitting inside their houses. In India, we are experiencing summer, during this time everyone prefers going out and about. Well, that’s not the case this year. I can say with surety that, we all are adjusting and adapting.

A few days ago I was watching videos of me when I was young, there was this video where I was standing in my balcony enjoying the rain. I noticed that at that time, our building was surrounded by greenery and we could very well see the mountains, that were far away. Today, when I look from the same balcony all I see are buildings, tall buildings. I can no more see the lush green trees, or mountains. I feel sorry to say, that I had forgotten that there was so much greenery around me. This is what you can call change, I have lived in this place for several years, and before I knew it, I was missing something I never noticed was there.

Today the world around us is growing, and you must have observed that there is change in every nook and corner. New things happening every other day, and we have no guarantee in life that every comforting thing around us will always remain the same.

People change, they grow, they forget. Think about it, the people you know and love, have they always been the same?

What I think is that, even knowledge changes a person. The more well-read a person becomes, the more knowledge a person gains, and the more wiser the person becomes.

This was what I was thinking about today, that is why I cannot say that today was a nice and calm day, because there was chaos going on inside my head, those lush green trees kept haunting me I kind of wished to see them again, and what would happen to my society after twenty years. We couldn’t see the moon today. But, the night sky was still beautiful and full of wonder, nowadays due to less pollution we can see more stars in the sky.

I would conclude by saying that change is necessary and we should learn to embrace it.


Day-6, Lockdown

“Everyone needs it,
Courage feeds it.
If its there in spirit,
A spark is lit,
To help us see through
The dark corners
of the cave,
To bring the rainbow in the rain.”

Today I thought I should write a poem and share my thoughts on it . Today was a special day, though the weather outside was cool and pleasant, and, at night the moon was looking beautiful, it was dark orange in colour with different shades of red. In the evening, I thought of the above poem and wrote it down on a piece of paper, and a thousand thoughts flooded my mind.

It is true that confidence is needed, without confidence a person is nothing but just flesh and bones. Because with confidence arises personality, and with personality a person can be defined. The line, ‘courage feeds it’ also makes sense to me. It means that when a person has to do a difficult task, he needs courage. When he has courage he is confident enough to move ahead. I thought this lone to be obvious, because of you have courage you are sure to havre confidence.

Now, the next line says, ‘if its there in spirit, a spark is lit.’ In this line I tried to make a little joke, you can take this line both literally and figuratively. Because spirit helps to kindle fires, and in figurative terms, the sentence ‘in spirit’ means that even if confidence isn’t really there in you, and you feel helpless. Even if you imagine that you are a fearless person full of confidence,a spark will light inside you which convinces you. And this method is tried and tested!

Let’s move onto the rest of the poem. In this part of he poem I referred the spark of confidence to a torch or mashaal. Because the torch shows us the way in dark caves, in this poem by the dark caves I meant the problems we face in life, hence the cave being dark.

Now, the last line says,’ to bring the rainbow in the rain.’ Every rain looks even more beautiful after the rain, so when we have both confidence and courage we can achieve making such a phenomenon take place which is rare. Also this last line gives us another aim to get out of the cave, so that we can enjoy the rain and make others joyful by giving them the colourful rainbow.

We have reached the end of the article, I really hope that the poem, as well as the interpretation made sense to you all my readers! See you!

Stay Safe and Confident!


Day-5, Lockdown

‘The first rain always showers joy.’

Today was a wonderful day, because today I experienced the first rain of the year. The past few days there was some drizzling, but you can’t actually call that rain. Rain is when the sky is all grey, and the droplets falling are huge and heavy, and when the first droplet hits someone, that person’s face breaks off into a huge smile. Rain is a phenomenon, which makes little kids run out in the open and yell with happiness, which makes them jump in puddles and splash water on each other. All of this is rain.

Today it rained heavily, and I was standing in my gallery feeling the raindrops on my eyelids. I kept cheering for more rain. I could see that all families were out in their balconies, happily reaching their hands out. It put a smile on my face, from the past one hour we were only hearing loud thunders but not a droplet of rain. And now it was raining so heavily, all we could hear was the pitter – patter of droplets .

As soon as the cold droplets hit my face, a shiver went down my spine. My mom and dad told me to come inside, because they were fearful I would catch cold. But I shouted over all the thunders and the cold rushing wind, “I deserve this!” my parents laughed and they too joined me.

After the rain stops, that wonderful petrichor gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. Petrichor is an earthy smell that you can sense after it rains. I feel that if you haven’t fully enjoyed the rain you don’t deserve that wonderful fragrance. This scent is like a reminder, that it rained.

Rain is like my friend, its there to cheer me up even on my saddest days, when its raining outside I feel so beatific and free spirited, I forget about everything. Even when I am shivering, I refuse to go back inside. I stay outside until the rain stops. I know what you think, I am rain crazy and it is true. It’s like puddles call me whenever I am around them, they call me to jump in them. That is why, I am the most active during rainy reason 🙂

Today was a wonderful experience, the cold wind in my face, the rain drops, the wonderful smell. This article has me wanting to go back in time and enjoy that wonderful rain one more time.

the hope is blossoming! I’m fighting!

Lockdown Day-3 … Lemons

Today was an ordinary day, where I did nothing out of the blue. Nothing extraordinary. But at night I felt frustrated and tired of living like this. It is just so boring, staying in the house all day and going nowhere, though you do nothing active or athletic it drains all your energy. I felt like crying due to the boredom, and I have never ever cried for this reason, because I have never been this bored! But like the saying,

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ that is what I am going to do.

I am not literally going to make a lemonade, I am going to look at the good parts of this situation. It is true, I am struggling to find the better halves of the lockdown. But, that does not mean that I am going to give up on this.

When I finished my book yesterday, I tried to find other such books on different websites. I looked everywhere, but I just couldn’t find a book I wanted to read.

Nothing was catching my eye, no story was interesting me.

So I was again sitting idly, staring at a blank wall. This bored me even more, I wailed desperately “I have nothing to do!”

I read everyday on different websites, as the cases grow day by day. My mother says that I should be thankful for staying inside my home, as there is no way that I can catch the virus. But the news of multiple people getting sick and fighting for their lives did not cheer me up.

Though my mom was right, but I just don’t know what to feel anymore, whether to be happy or sad,or excited or bored. From one perspective I can say that I am safe, I am healthy. This is exactly what one half of my brain tells me. But the other half, counts all the cons of staying at home and this half imagines what I would be doing, if I wasn’t under lockdown. This half makes me feel even more alone than ever, I keep reminding myself that all of this is not about me but this is done for my good. I am not the only one sitting at home, and wishing to go outside and breath the fresh air.

In some ways this outbreak also has its own positive outcomes, the healthy people who are ‘stuck’ at home. Are spending more time with their families than they ever have, because lets face it nowadays everyone is busy with their own work and they don’t have time to be with their loved ones. We will never have these many holidays before. Though, we are spending most of our summer holidays cooped up inside our homes but I like spending more time with my mom and dad.

Playing cards, board games, etc. Believe it or not, this virus is also good for the earth’s environment. Yes, when all of India is under lockdown all of the industries are closed, almost no travelling anywhere. This means no use of cars,buses,airplanes,etc. after 21 days the air would feel so clean and fresh. If you look carefully,you will notice that the trees are looking even more green!

So, I conclude by confessing that this article is a way to convince the other half of my brain to shut up!


A short story…

The last of the suitcases were stuffed in the backseat and the car door was closed. Naisha went over to the front, moved over some of her belongings to make some place and sat down. Her father was already in the driver’s seat, he looked at her eagerly and asked, “So, you ready?” Naisha nodded happily and the engine whirred to life as if encouraged by her enthusiastic response.

Every year Naisha and her father, Rahul went on a camping trip. Naisha’s mother did not enjoy such trips, and would much rather prefer staying at a hotel. This year too, the both of them set off to a campsite atop a scenic hill station. Just as the car started, an uneasy feeling settled over Naisha, her stomach lurched at every turn. Usually Naisha didn’t feel any motion sickness, it was always her father who had to take pills before sitting in a car. But, he was humming rather cheerfully, his eyes on the road, his horn rimmed glasses set crookedly on his nose, his thin wispy goatee waving jovially.

Naisha kept her fingers clasped tightly on the seat, trying to sense every motion of the car. She tried to focus on the song playing on the radio and the trees that were passing by, but nothing worked. It felt as if the world was dissolving all around her, the trees turning into a green blur, and all she could hear from the radio now was static. Her father’s cheerful humming sounded like a dreary and sad murmur. Naisha’s head was spinning, her grasp on the seat of the car was loosening, “Dad, I don’t feel fine.” She managed to croak out. Her own voice seemed so foreign, so far away…”What’s wrong?” He looked at her, Naisha’s pupils tried to focus on his face, but it just made her head spin even more. She wanted to tell him that something bad was going to happen, that she could feel it in her veins, buzzing with electricity. A burning certainty of a dreadful fate.
But she couldn’t, because they were interrupted by a honking noise. Naisha heard it first, her gaze turned toward the road, a huge truck was coming towards them, it couldn’t swerve right or left and it was inching closer and closer. Naisha’s eyes focused on the truck, everything was clear now, maybe too clear. Time slowed down as the truck approached Naisha and her father at full speed. Naisha’s dad turned his head towards the road at the last second, his head whipping violently from her face to the oncoming truck. But, it was too late as the truck crashed into the car, knocking the small vehicle backward. Naisha saw nothing as her eyes were closed shut in panic, she only heard the glass shatter, her father’s directions for her to duck down, all of the sound lost to the breathless air.

Darkness was all Naisha saw and felt as she woke up. A creepy and dark feeling was surrounding her, and she tried to get rid of it, tried to shrug it off. Her forehead was glistening with sweat, and she could feel bile rising up in her mouth. “It was just a dream…just a dream.” She murmured to herself in between deep breaths, she turned to check the time on the watch placed on her bedside, it was twenty to five. The neighbourhood was unusually quite, and the air outside seemed cold just like the sweat on her forehead. They were supposed to leave in half an hour.

Every year Naisha had this nightmare, the night before the camping trip was one she dreaded. Every time it was the same, the same haunting road trip, the same uneasy feeling and the same wave of panic. But, this time it was more vivid, more real… She pushed away all the negative thoughts, the possibilities that this nightmare brought were too frightening too even consider, “You have always had this dream, and nothing has ever happened.” She tried to convince herself in the bathroom mirror where she was brushing her teeth. But, it seemed as if all her efforts were in vain, as her reflection looked back at her, a cloud of suspicion and horror passing her face.

The car door closed and Naisha sat beside her father, “So, you ready?” Her father asked. Naisha nodded, she opened her mouth a little in surprise, this moment was so familiar, but the familiarity did not give her any comfort. Suddenly as the car started, a wave of nausea passed over Naisha. The main road was empty and the clouds above hung darkly, the weather suddenly seemed to change from sunny to oddly cloudy and dangerous. The world slowly seemed to go out to focus and she realised that what she felt and saw was exactly what had happened in the dream she had had in the previous night, and it dawned upon her.

A grimace was set on Naisha’s face, Rahul was worried about her. Everyday he saw his daughter grow up a little, and he felt as if he had already begun to lose her. His daughter’s mouth was clamped shut, her fingers tapping on the seat nervously. Rahul was not a big fan of camping, but Naisha loved the outdoors and enjoyed spending time embraced in nature’s arms. Rahul, didn’t get much time to spend with his daughter as his work did not allow him to take weekends off like other dads. So, both father and daughter eagerly looked forward to their camping trips which would allow them to bond together. Naturally, he wanted his daughter to enjoy every moment but the apprehensive and isolated look on her pale face suggested otherwise.

Meanwhile, Naisha tried to not think of her dream,”It’s not plausible, it’s not true.” She told herself over and over again. But, the alarming vision of the truck crashing into the car did not leave her mind, she looked at her dad and he was looking back at her with hurt and concern written all over his face. They exchanged a smile.
She saw the truck from a distance, coming from the opposite side. She braced herself, but nobody could prepare their self for something like this. Conflicting voices debated in her head, “It’s going to happen.” “No it’s not.”
What’s your death wish?” ”NO, IT’S NOT!”
“Dad!” Naisha cried, and her father’s eye moved towards the road just as the truck neared them. “We’re dying” she whispered. Naisha’s dream started replaying in her head just as the truck swerved a hard right, away from the car, away from Naisha and her dad. “What a donkey! Absolutely, no sense of driving, he turned from our car when we were this close to crashing.” Naisha’s dad indignantly said, indicating the distance between their car and the truck with his index finger and thumb. Naisha rested her head on the car seat with a finality and let out a deep sigh she wasn’t aware she was holding back.
Maybe, that nightmare wasn’t entirely true or maybe another truck is incoming…

A Dying doom and the ultimate imagination.

Thomas More wrote a book called ‘Utopia’ during the rennaissance period. It was about an imaginary island somewhere in America, where there were no social disparities, no blind faith, only peace and friendship. No such island exists till date, does it? These social barriers still prevail. Privileged people on one side, and the underprivileged on the other. So many people could do so much for all of them, but very few of them do much to help.
Here’s a poem I wrote about the same.

A Dying Doom
Deep cracks in the wall,
She tried to peer through them.
She saw it all,
The damage done on the other side,
Nobody left,
People dying.
Translucent barriers separating the two,
A safe sunshine and a dying doom.

What they saw,
Was a peering eye,
Watching patiently as they die.
A safe sunshine watching a dying doom,
Spilling tears as bright as the sky,
Spilling tears bright blue.
Alas, what could the little girl do?
After all, she was in the other room.

The Categorical Imperative and 2020

Immanuel Kant was a famous philosopher, well proclaimed for his theory- The Categorical Imperative.
This theory is a deontological form of ethics. What is deontology, exactly? Well, deontology is a theory created by multiple thinkers stating that, we shouldn’t act without thinking about the consequences, (here’s the catch…) but instead we should act according to our own personal set of rules. Our own moral code of ethics. Now, any responsible citizen may think “Maybe, I should throw this chocolate wrapper in the dustbin once I reach home.” That thought crosses our mind, because we have our own code of conduct, an active conscience that prevents us from throwing garbage on the road. That is exactly what deontology is, and that is what ‘The Categorical Imperative.’ Is all about.
So, basically Immanuel Kant’s Kantian theory tells us, that our deeds should not be based on the consequences but, if they fulfil our personal duty or not. Same thing happens in the wrapper situation.
So, if you’ve understood the basics of ‘The Categorical Imperative’ can we say that it can be used in 2020, during this pandemic? Of course it can! If you wear a mask whenever you’re going outside, you should not wear it, because you and your family will stay safe and uninfected but you should wear it as a moral obligation. If you wear a mask, the people around you may not get infected. If you supposedly even carry the disease, atleast other people will not get infected. Your code of conduct should read in bold letters that “if I wear a mask, then not only will I be spared, but the people around me too!” If you stand 6 feet away from somebody, your cough droplets will not touch that person.
In my opinion, ‘The COVID-19 Categorical Imperative.’ Is a solved trolley situation. Here, you are saving both the persons you love as well as other people too.
In the trolley situation, you become the driver of a dis functional trolley, and you have two choices. Either you save one close relative/ loved one or you save multiple other people. Another mind-boggling philosophical riddle.
So, what did you think of Immanuel Kant and his ‘Categorical Imperative’?

Away for long

Soo, I have been away for too long. For the past few weeks I was only writing for myself and not for any other platforms. But, I was also doing other stuff. I was preparing to take a creative writing class for kids my age (10-14 year olds mostly) this will be my second workshop and I’m super excited! So share this with any kid who you think will be interested. Thank you for the support!!

The Things We Hide…

Secrets as dark as the night,
Regretful pasts locked in their cages and trying to take flight.
Hopelessness trapped away from everybody,
Just like the dark side of the moon,
Our dark side nobody can see.
Cowardice cloaked by a thin veil,
While some others have blood red courage hidden beneath.
A tender heart,
Covered in steel.
Memories that age,
Like the dried autumn leaves.
Happiness soaring through the blue sky,
Tears too, pouring and soaking our smiles.
The things we hide,
We can’t bid goodbye.

‘Hell is other people.’ -Jean Paul Sartre

Can it be true, do I really agree with this dude? Let’s see.

What (rather, who) cause all of my problems? People.

Who haunt me in my nightmares? People.

Truly hell is other people. But wouldn’t having only one lookout be pessimistic? Yes, so if other people consist of hell. Then some others also consist of blissful heaven. We get the people we deserve, if we deserve hellish people…so be it.

The philosophy of hell and heaven, good and bad deeds, is not entirely untrue. Sartre being an existentialist discusses about life having meaning for both kinds of people, (those who believe in the concept of afterlife, and those who don’t.) if you believe in afterlife, the concept of heaven, hell and karma can come pretty easily to you. In what Sartre quoted, you will find literal meaning. Truly people around you do consist a piece of hell in them. Tormentors who just give bad vibes, you know?

But if you don’t believe in the notion of afterlife, if you feel that it is just present to impose a sense of discipline and alive conscience among people, that they do good deeds with an aim of going to heaven. If you feel that this is the only reason of conceptualisation and segregation of humanity, then your meaning of hell will surely be different.

Maybe you grasp hell as a metaphor for bad or unlucky stuff. Things that don’t go well with you or your surroundings. Again, it may be called as people who give bad vibes. (Layman’s terms ;)) and people who give out these vibes, and are filled with this supposed ‘stuff’, may be your simple perception of hell.

‘Hell is other people.’ Is thus a polysemy. As it can have multiple meanings and can be seen through infinite perceptions. Hats off to you, Sartre.


Look at the purple sky,
The streaks of orange,
Clouds passing by.
Standing at the precipice,
Staring at the rock bottom,
I don’t dare look at the beauty,
Too scared to shatter my thoughts,
I don’t look above me.
That’s what we miss,
When we think about falling.
We miss vibrancy,
When you’re too busy to wonder,
About how you’re alive,
Too lost for the vast sky.
Too self involved and you don’t know why,
The abyss acting as a forebode.
You take one step further,
So many thoughts filling up.
Like a vortex,
You hold on to things,
Your raw hands sting.
Your fading essence,
Lost with your pleading voice,
As you lose your grip,
You look up, just above the crevice.
You finally see the sky,
As your very soul is gasping,
You wish to have one last glance,
That last shred of hope,
So hopelessly clasping.

Books and infinite loyalty…

Ahhh books, to be among them can be compared to simple bliss such as walking through wet grass, and breathing the pleasant scent of moist earth.
Both of them, give me the same pleasure and joy. Books can certainly be called friends, the best kind actually. In my book- Keya relationship, I’m the listener. As it talks about feelings and emotions, that are enclosed within it’s many pages I understand more of it, and enjoy listening to all of it’s sentiments and problems. These books, are capable of making the most impatient people into patient and kind listeners.
But when we’re done listening to it, we close it and put it down. For all it has done for us, this is how we repay it. But, no matter how many deep thoughts pour out of the book, it doesn’t feel much when we leave it. It will always wait for us, though it won’t be certain if we’ll ever come back, but it will still patiently wait on the dusty book shelves till its pages become dry, till there are no more emotion – less tears left, the books wait for their readers to come back, till they become lifeless and each one of their thoughts and words tear off and depart one by one.
That’s why I love books, mostly because of their endless loyalty and attachment towards the reader. So, to do justice to the books I never leave it in the middle, just because it got boring or something. Ever.
It comforts me that my love and attachment to all of my books, is not one sided. These books tell me interesting things, help me improve myself in many ways, and they’re so damn loyal. Who wouldn’t want friends like that?

The Fault in Our Stars book review.

So, I recently read the book, The Fault in Our Stars. I know many of you may say, “whoa! She hadn’t read it till now?” Yeah, I haven’t, because I avoid books filled with deep emotion, I don’t like books that force me to come face to face with these. I usually read books full of action and humour, even if somebody dies in these books it doesn’t necessarily affect me, because these books are fictitious. But The Fault in Our Stars is a book full of reality, beautiful emotions and vibrant colours, whenever we see cancer survivors we only see their ‘after cancer period’. we only talk merely about their struggle, their battle. We, lucky human beings do not understand that mere words will never do justice to their difficult battle, one they will never forget, that will leave most of them with a scar forever.
All the characters in this book are beautiful and complex, with heart touching backstories and deep emotions and feelings. The way Hazel is already aware of the truth of her life, and that nothing is permanent. That everything is going to go into oblivion one day, shows how mature and understanding she is.
Augustus rightly said in his letter to Van Houten that Hazel walks the earth, lightly she does not want to do something great and honourable before dying but she silently notices what goes around in this vast universe, and that in itself is a sublime act.
Hazel’s concept is clear and kind of rings true to me. We should not always think of dying a great death, and have people all over the world remember you when you die. But you should have a few close people love you dearly and truly, and they should hold you in their memories till as long as they live.
Dying a great and memorable death is related to Augustus’ fear of going into oblivion. And how the author as well as Augustus navigate their way through this when Augustus is on the verge of dying is both sad and beautiful.
Hazel and Augustus were sometimes totally opposite in their thoughts, and their philosophical arguments made up the best part of the book. The way Hazel gave all her time to Augustus after his cancer recurrence was so heart rending to read. It showed her true love, being shredded into tiny pieces one by one.
So, let’s talk about Peter Van Houten he who helped shape Hazel and Augustus’ story. He wasn’t a bad guy, he was just sad and lonely, and of course drunken. Sad and lonely is the side effect of being human, it’s a characteristic, but Peter had been struck hard with this effect. In this case he was both a side effect and victim of cancer. With his daughter dying due to leukemia at a tender age, he had been sad the entire time. His book An Imperial Affliction, his reason for writing it was so deep and for some reason it brought me near tears. (I’m never that emotional type of person, I have never cried while watching a movie or reading a book, so this near crying experience was a first…) He was well versed in philosophy, but that did not make him a wise person nonetheless. Lidewij was also a nice and thoughtful addition to the book, she kinda helped him realise how low he’d gotten.
Anyway, that trip to Amsterdam was one of the best things to happen to both of them. But, it also came along with some bad news. When Augustus told poor Hazel  about his cancer recurrence, when they both cried together it just showed how far they’d gotten since the first time they had met. The part when Augustus made Hazel and Isaac read to him his eulogy, was an amazing part. The confusion among their emotions, being both sad and jokingly laughing at the same time was the author showing us their strength, and their ability to grasp the truth and hold on to it and accept it. And the funeral after Augustus died was just not as sad as his struggle, and I’m glad because that would’ve been too much to handle. The little doses of humour in the book are perfectly measured, and lovely to read. With this I conclude, thanks a lot John Green for making me sad and giving me that warm wonderful feeling after reading this book…

New opportunities…

So, some children in my school have started this new initiative. They’ve started a newspaper. And, when I first heard of it, “yay!!” Were the first words to enter my mind.
I tried to get all the information about the newspaper, one thing led to another and I ended up giving a few of my poems to be published in the upcoming edition of the newspaper.
When I first read the pilot edition my mind was truly blown. All the children who had contributed towards this newspaper were of my age, so much talent all concentrated in one place. All the work right from the website, to the editing and also all of the articles given were all planned and beautifully executed by kids my age.
The feeling is so amazing, watching my poem in the first page I felt tremendous joy and pleasure. Opportunities are found in every corner, you just need to take the efforts to find them.
All of the efforts put in to make the website and publish and edit the newspaper were huge. I felt proud knowing that all of it was done by my friends.
This jumping inside my stomach was a new kind of feeling, when I saw my name on that paper, that feeling was amazing, and it kinda opened my eyes.
I hope I can continue to contribute my work, and really look forward to so many more editions of this paper. Check out the link below…


My best friend and I

My best friend and I,
We gossip and talk.
When we’re super bored,
We take long walks.
We stalk random people,
And creep them out.
Our walks are not normal, trust me.
We take photos,
Then gossip again.
In the blink of an eye,
Our topics change.
I’m the weird one in our friendship,
We go amazing together,
We’re as similar as truth and fibs,
Yeah, we’re actually totally opposite.
We only have Netflix in common,
Stupidity comes to us in fits.
And, we can read each other’s thoughts.
We always come in a package,
We wander around like unidentified baggage.
Whenever she’s not around,
I feel like I have nobody to talk to.
She’s my confidant,
I tell her everything,
In my happiness she has a huge part,
She makes my heart sing.
I’m always there for her,
I’m just the best example of a trust fall.
Minimum thirty minutes for each call,
I’m an expert at solving all her problems,
I’m her best friend after all.

Carry on…

Tell the wind to wait,
Its blowing too fast.
Carrying you away,
Not sure you’ll last.
Tell time to stop,
Everything’s knocking you off your feet,
All you’re left with is memories.
When you feel,
Everything going swiftly by.
In the blowing storm,
Nobody can hear you cry.
You need to carry yourself onward,
With great strength moving forward.
Tears streaming down your face,
Nobody around,
You have to carry on.
The storm will clear after some time,
But you can’t ever stop trying.
Even when the wind blows,
Or time soars.
After, every challenge there’s sure to be more.
But you can’t let it affect you,
Strong people like you,
Are only a few.
Acknowledge that fact,
Turn your tears into strength,
And attack.


So many people,
Choose to walk the same path.
It feels so ethereal,
That the same thought,
Crossed so many minds.
So many humans,
So alike.
I want to break the chain,
And make my own way.
From this fragile mindset,
I want to run away.
All paths lead to Rome,
Is what they say.
That can’t be true,
I’ll prove it myself.
Far away cries,
That call me to that place.
Hidden lies,
Forgotten good byes.
All of those people who tried to carve their way,
Who tried to make it to that place.
They who failed,
I’ll carry their lost names.

By – Keya Waghmare

Just 24 hours…

I want a day, where I can sit on my balcony and look at the cloudy sky. Where I can appreciate it. I want a day, where I can enjoy everything without a single worry in my head. Where I can sit idle without my conscience telling me to get up and study. I can just sit there listening to my favourite songs, with that same fluttery feeling in my stomach, I had when I heard that song for the first time.
I’m not asking for anything else, just a day where I can sit and idle around without any guilt. I know for sure, that I fully deserve a guiltless day.
24 hours with wonderful weather, calm and peaceful thoughts. No thoughts about stupid racists, and pollution, and studies and homework.
24 beautiful soulful hours, with an empty head. No continuous chaos, nothing. Just silence. Is that really too much to ask for

Why I love my brain.

Finally reached the peak of my sarcastic abilities…;)

Well, my brain has that amazing ability to make me feel like I don’t have to do a thing in the world. Let’s take today’s example…
Me-: I have to go study, after this game I’m going to switch off my phone.
Brain-: You know, you don’t have to study today…
Me-: Why?
Brain-: Because, you have math tuition today, you’re going to study in the tuition anyway, shouldn’t you like chill and take a break? You finished an entire chapter yesterday!
Me-:(half convinced and fully aware that I was going to study history not math.)Yeah but…
Brain-: Keya, you don’t want to stress yourself out, do you?
Me-: (Super convinced.) Yeah, you’re right too much studying is hazardous for health.
And that’s where that short and weird conversation with my brain ends. With me fully convinced and committed to not study and my brain, very happy that it does not need to be used much.
Like, this sounds stupid but that is the exact conversation I had with MYSELF.
And, this is the point where I understand that there is one bed in the mental hospital that’s empty just for me. I have always procrastinated and blamed it on something or somebody else, this time it was a part of me.
And it’s so damn ironic, that I am fully aware that I am procrastinating as I’m writting this blog.

‘The heights of hilarity can only be reached if your brain is involved in your antics.’ I have made this quote and my brain was involved, there you get your proof. There’s a reason why almost all of the stories I have read have a MAD scientist. 😉


I hate maths, but it’s not because it’s hard. But, because the way it affects me. My confidence always shatters when I study math, it has the ability to confront me the way nobody can.
Math comes easily to so many people, but it’s always the same for me. I go for the tests thinking I’m prepared, look at the questions and immediately wish I could go home.
Math is my excuse for low confidence. For me math questions are the most unnerving things in the universe. The few times I’ve genuinely felt interested in the subject was when the chapter was easy. But, as I grow so does the difficulty level of the subject, and also the blandness of the books. Like, literally a few years ago my math book was colourful and full of different images and interesting examples. Interesting books fascinate students, and make it easy for young minds to absorb the information. But as we grow, the publishers assume that our need for vivid examples and more graphic details has perished.
Let me be so kind to give you an example.
So, if Jack has 3 apples and Lauren has 4, what is the distance between the sun and the earth?(jokes are easier than math.) So, if the ninth grade math book will have a brightly coloured sun and two innocent children standing on the earth, and a purple colour line between the sun and the earth. The question will become so much more interesting to read, so much more appealing.
But my ninth grade text book is so dull. I feel sleepy just looking at it. No illustrations, no colour, nothing.
How much ever people put effort into teaching me math, its going to be hard for me to improve. Because, I along with lots of others am drawn to creativity and design and vibrancy. It is difficult for my brain to function without all of this.
Math is hard, sure. But, being bad at it is even more hard. So, even without all the vibrancy and all the colours I have to manage, so best of luck to me, hope I dont mess all of this up. Oh yeah, and by the way the distance between the earth and the sun is 151.84 million km…;)


Some are insecure,
Some others are indifferent.
Some are self assured,
While some always feel irrelevant.
Some stand up and fight,
Some others run away out of fright.
Some know they don’t belong,
They don’t care,
Because they know what they’re doing Isn’t wrong.
Everybody is different,
Not everybody embraces it.
Everybody is flawed,
Not everybody knows it.
Perfection can’t be attained,
But patience can.
Triumph comes after pain,
Only after a win,
Can a lion shake it’s mane


They wander in your head,
Like lost hopes filled with dread.
Broken dreams shatter like glass,
You can see your reflection,
Crumbled in half.
When things seem bleak,
They come in the forms of nightmares.
Ain’t I in enough misery?
That these painful dreams haunt me in flares.
Some, they lightly burn.
But others they painfully ignite.
Bringing up that one thought,
You try to push down with all your might.
They say follow us,
We’re not just a part of your imagination.
We’re a part of your desires,
With us you have to be patient.
We don’t help you sleep,
We actually keep you awake.
Thinking of what will happen,
If you jump off the cliff,
Into the lake.
Will you drown, or taken in with bait?
Or will you simply swim,
With the support of your faith.
They whisper in your head,
We’ll keep you alive.
When you feel like you’re drowning,
We’ll answer your cry.

The ‘organised’ person I am…

I love mess, it’s mostly because I relate with it. The disorder always calms me down. Yet for some reason, whenever I see a very clean desk with only a few things on it. I do my best, to place them symmetrically , one on top of the other in perfect order.
That’s so weird right? Like am I a person who loves perfection or am I just a disorganised mess? It’s always the same with me, split personality. Always confused, always second guessing.
Lets round back to the first few lines where I said that I relate with mess, when I see a messy room or a messy desk. I feel right at home.( Not literally though…;))
The mess inside my brain, the constant worries they all dissolve in the mess in front of me. But, I always end up cleaning all of it even though it doesn’t bother me. My hands start automatically working, trying to clean every nook and corner.
This is an example of how weirdly I function. I think of something and do the exact total opposite. Why? Why do I always do what I hadn’t planned on doing?
Is it because a part of me already knows what is right for me? Or is it just because I love troubling myself to sleep, questioning all of my life choices?
Whatever it is, mess will always be a part of my disorganised life.
This is just a part of me opening upto all of you. And, there’s more from where this emotional mess came from.


I look forward to waking up each day,
I look forward to come back here.
This blissful place that I’ve created,
This mindful space devoid of fear.
Only happy thoughts can enter,
The ones I’ve barely got.
This is my centre,
It is my core.
This is my safe space,
Where contentedness pours.
Its where, the love I’m full of is stored.
When life seems meaningless,
Or when I’m simply bored.
I come here and see the beauty of my world.
This place is full of happy beliefs,
Its without any grief.
I call it my imagination,
Where anything is possible.
I’ve made a barrier against all frustration,
All the negativity negligible.

The stars, the moon and the lonely girl…

I sat outside staring at the stars,
They looked right back at me,
Twinkling from afar.
The moon shining bright,
Gazed lovingly at me.
The night was cold,
But I felt warm.
As I existed in the darkness,
Bedazzled by all the charm.
While everybody’s asleep,
The whole world inside my head is wide awake.
I processed all the beauty,
As falls the heavy veil of moonlight opaque.
The distant stars cheering it on,
It makes me feel less forlorn.
If the moon can have friends, so can I,
Thats how the universe works, by design.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

The elephant in the room

Have you ever felt like the elephant in the room?
The people in that corner, silently referring to you.
The way they cast their looks,
You understand it’s bad,
You don’t know what they’re talking about,
And it drives you mad.
Your brain starts making all kinds of conclusions,
Until you start feeling highly delusional.
Is it my mind or are they really pointing at me?
Why are they’re reactions so oblique?
Then suddenly you feel a rush of rage,
Coursing through your veins,
All that unidentified pain.
What did I do wrong?
Why are people so mean?
Your brain’s assumptions making you even more keen.
Then you find yourself moving across the room,
Going to those people,
Trembling as you move.
As you’re standing in front of them,
You sense fear in their eyes.
Their no different than others,
Just chock full of lies.
They quickly make small talk,
We were just talking about you!
You stand still as a rock.
Confront them,
A part of your brain tells you.
But you stand right there,
Your respond to their lies due.
Another helpless situation,
Where you backed out.
You freaked,
You snapped,
But your words were trapped.
Another helpless elephant,
In whom confidence lacked.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

The perks of being clumsy…

I trip and fall around,
Most of the times its my fault.
Its because of those random things I drop on the ground.
And when I do,
Nobody is surprised.
They just casually roll their eyes.
I’m used to it though,
It doesnt matter much to me.
But when I show my mom the bruised knee,
Her face starts to contort,
As she aids me, it gives me comfort.
As she asks how I fell,
And if it was deeply hurting then.
I just wave it away,
Joking that I’ll live another day.
She just keeps reminding me,
That I’m loved.
As long as I breathe,
She will hold me beloved.
Whenever I trip and hit something hard,
Her cheerful expression turns dark.
How can one’s love be so unconditional?
The feeling is so magically medicinal,
The moment she hugs me,
All the pain goes away.
How does she do it, without any break?
I’m thankful that I’m clumsy,
Because its earned me her love.
Its caused her pain to see me like that,
But I try to comfort.
How she does it, I have no idea,
This motherhood thing will always remain an enigma.
The bruises are always quickly healed.
The hugs she gives me,
That’s exactly how they feel.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

Day-Last, Lockdown

So, news. Big, big news. Today is my last lockdown blog, I kind of thought about ending it on day 70. But here I am, god I really regret this. Why am I regretting this? I wanted to do this, I’m doing it by choice, its what I want!

Anyways, my problems are confusing and will always remain confusing. But, why am I abruptly ending this? Oh, that’s because lockdown is finished! Well, actually not exactly, but everything is nearly coming to an end, it feels like this whole nightmare is coming to an end.

Maharashtra, with the most number of cases is growing. We have understood, that we cannot stay indoors the whole time, and we have found solutions. The unlock process is finally starting. Today I looked outside and I saw a packed road, with cars following one after the other. A sight I hadn’t seen for a very longtime, I took this as a sign, a sign telling me that the lockdown is coming to an end.

Though, we will have to still keep wearing mask and taking precautions, but in a month we will all be leading our everyday lives with an added accessory, the masks.

And, I’m totally fine with that. At first, I said that I tried to avoid the truth about the outbreak, and I avoided wearing masks, and thats why I avoided going outside. Well, now there’s nothing to avoid! And, there is absolutely nothing to hide from, day by day we are all learning to come outside of our caves and face the sunlight.

These 68 days, were overwhelming. But, they were also some of the best days of my life. I don’t even know how I’m saying that now, look at how this pandemic has changed me. When you read my earlier posts and compare them with now, you can certainly point out how I’ve grown. The clarity in my recent blogs is like never before. It’s all newly acquired, and its all new territory.

I wasn’t my best on all days, but everyday taught me something new. This new normal is going to take a lot of time to adjust. But we’ll eventually learn. Humans are made to adapt, and to learn and take in knowledge from new experiences. And, that is exactly what I’ve done. I never thought I’d be saying this, especially in a non sarcastic tone but, I would like to thank lockdown for making me a better person.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

Day-67, Lockdown

Day 67, it’s going to be day 70 in three days time. My holidays are finally finishing, and well I’m seeing my friends again. So much has changed in the past 67 days. Almost every wonderful thing felt like it has been snatched away, but now they are all slowly returning. Things have finally started going back to normal, the new normal atleast…

But there’s not much wrong with this new normal. We’re learning plenty new things from it, starting from how to wear a mask right up to how to stay mentally healthy in these situations. For my generation, this is all kind of new. We’ve seen some kinds of diseases come and go, but none of them led to a world wide lockdown like this.

That’s alright though, that’s fine. Learning something new, and experiencing something different. Learning more about yourselves. Though, recently I’m giving less attention to this lockdown blog. Because it is very tiring and frustrating.

67 days is a commitment goal for me, I’ve never been up to anything great like this for so long. But great things lead to even greater dilemmas. That’s the truth, and the truth always kinda hurts.

Ehh I feel like due to this lockdown so many stones in my life have turned, so many milestones covered. So much about me has been revealed, to myself and the readers of this blog. Because, writing it has given me lots of insight, of how I function and deal with stressful situations.

The more I wrote, the more clearer everything became. These blogs lead to so many discussions inside of my head. Some, didn’t make sense at all while some others really opened my eyes.

Well, that’s all for today. Maybe, the heaviness of the air and the foggy weather outside kind of forced me to think about this.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

Day-67, Lockdown



I look forward to waking up each day,
I look forward to come back here.
This blissful place that I’ve created,
This mindful space devoid of fear.
Only happy thoughts can enter,
The ones I’ve barely got.
This is my centre,
It is my core.
This is my safe space,
Where contentedness pours.
Its where, the love I’m full of is stored.
When life seems meaningless,
Or when I’m simply bored.
I come here and see the beauty of my world.
This place is full of happy beliefs,
Its without any grief.
I call it my imagination,
Where anything is possible.
I’ve made a barrier against all frustration,
All the negativity negligible.

Day-66, Lockdown

Online classes.
They tell us to adjust,
But it feels so awful.
My laziness mingled with disgust,
The teachers are working hard,
But what’s the point?
We don’t get a thing,
And that’s annoying.
When she tells us to unmute ourselves,
To answer a question,
I go to google for help,
With innocent intentions.
Online classes are absurd,
They make everything hard,
They leave me feeling deterred,
The connection’s bad from the start.
I have clapped instead of raising a hand,
Leaving the teacher confused,
And me in deep sand.
Screenshare’s the worst,
Especially when she’s drawing a diagram.
It looks like a finger painting,
Instead of a diaphragm!
Teachers, I know you’re doing your best,
In these difficult times,
It’s hard to feel blessed.
We’re all trying to pay attention,
But we’re in the comforts of our homes.
There are far more distractions,
Then were in the classrooms.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

Day-65, Lockdown

Today, I saw a documentary on National Geographic. It was about, how India is trying to fight coronavirus.

It was really eye opening, doctors had shared footage of their hospitals, and inside their homes. They opened up about their feelings on this lockdown. One doctor was on the verge of tears as she talked about how whenever she entered the hospital she saw dead bodies and sick people, and how she felt genuinely frightened. How whenever she took swab tests of suspected patients, they begged her to pray for them.

How, when she tested these patients for corona virus negative thoughts filled her head, she started thinking of her husband, her family, and possibilities of her contracting the virus. The brain is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it feels like a curse. All of those thoughts, that you tried to avoid always come back in times of need or desperation. One part is calming us, while other makes us even moe nervous, strange.

On some days she would feel as if she has the symptoms, she feels unwell. Though, nothing is wrong with her. At this point I understood that. The pandemic is is penetrating people’s thoughts, affecting them psychologically. This can seriously affect one’s mental health. In a way, it is good as with this fear people will at least stay inside their houses.

There was one doctor, who had a little daughter. She had to be sent, to her grandmother’s place, because her mother frequently came in contact with  covid patients.

There was also an inspector, who said that he was thinking of not living with his family, as he was scared of infecting them. Doctors and policemen and other social workers were always selfless and noble. But, we are realising this now. The tribute that people are giving is not enough.             

After seeing this documentary I felt grateful for my parents, friends and also the food I get to eat everyday. I also felt deeply grateful for all the social workers who are working day and night.

We are all in this together. But these workers, are fighting more battles than any of us. Stay home, stay safe.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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