Day-67, Lockdown

imagination Hope I look forward to waking up each day,I look forward to come back here.This blissful place that I’ve created,This mindful space devoid of fear.Only happy thoughts can enter,The ones I’ve barely got.This is my centre,It is my core.This is my safe space,Where contentedness pours.Its where, the love I’m full of is stored.When life seems meaningless,Or when I’m simply […]

Day-61, Lockdown

‘What do I write?’ I asked my mom, ‘I have absolutely nothing to write!’  ‘Calm down! It will come to you all by its self.’ She said in her matter of fact way. And, you know what? It did come to me. Just look at this blog as a Mother’s Day blog, written a bit too late. How do mothers […]

Day-40, Lockdown

Wow, it’s been 40 days… I still can’t believe it, I have not stepped outside my house since five weeks and five days exactly. It does feel like a long time, then again after yesterday’s little time confession, I don’t know how long it feels or has been. Now everything, seems to go in a whirl, after recently learning that […]