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I’ve been following signsI’ve been searching through the landsFor a certain pair of armsAnd a certain pair of hands I thought I saw your footstepsin the sand along the shore.I mumbled empty phrasesthat sang so well before. That ravishing touch of your warm hands.Inching each part.. taking the restlessness at peak.. makes the cravings long for more. I wish that […]

Affirmations To Combat Negative Core Beliefs

Affirmations are an important recovery tool. They are powerful messages that confirm our worth. Identify negative beliefs: Begin by identifying the negative core beliefs and shame that you want to address. Reflect on the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back or contribute to your struggles. Awareness is the first step toward change. Challenge negative beliefs: Once you’ve identified negative […]

Self-Soothing June

Before leaving for an important meeting or presentation are you feeling nervous? Feeling anxious and overwhelmed on a regular basis? Due to sitting in one place for long hours do you feel exhausted? Your somatic nervous system allows you to move and control muscles throughout your body. It also feeds information from four of your senses — smell, sound, taste […]

10 Benefits Of Journaling

10 Benefits Of Journaling. Research shows that a daily journaling practice can help improve your mental health and get your life back on track, whether you’re struggling with relationships, future goals, or how to stay organized. Expressive writing and gratitude journaling can even affect the way you communicate with a partner, your children, your coworkers, your friends, your parents, or […]

Its Okay To Cry

Its okay to cry, the sky does it too. Tears have stress hormones which are released when we cry.Holding back tears gets stress stuck in the body. Stress impacts the pain we experience and over time, contributes to the development of chronic illnesses.Many chronic illnesses are literally unprocessed emotions. #psychologyfacts #psychologist #mentalhealthawareness #tearsaregood

Alternate Solutions To Same Problem

Alternate solutions to same problem. When you find yourself seemingly stuck in a negative mood, an uncomfortable place, or a difficult situation, ask yourself, Can I turn my head? In other words, is there another way to view this situation, a broader perspective to take, perhaps filled with more awe and gratitude? We cannot force this shift in perspective, but […]

Self Healing June

Self Healing June Self Healing June 1. Aromatherapy : Aromatherapy is known for both its psychological and physical benefits. Depending on the essential oil, aromatherapy can help improve mood, promote relaxation and reduce stress. In addition, this practice can stimulate the immune system, ease muscle tension and boost circulation. It is used to treat a variety of conditions, here are […]

Use STOP To Recognize Mental Health Stigma

Use STOP to recognize mental health stigma. Does the attitude or action: Stereotype people with mental health conditions (that is, assumes they are all alike rather thanindividuals)? Trivialize or belittles people with mental healthconditions and/or the condition itself? Offend people with mental health conditions by insulting them? Patronise people with mental health conditions bytreating them as if they were not […]

A Journey From Distress To Well-being

Eustress (Good stress) and Distress are terms that categorise different types of stress. At one end of the spectrum is distress, which involves negative feelings and is often a difficult experience. At the other end is eustress, which is challenging but rewarding and leads us to mental and physical well-being. How to promote Eustress (Good stress) People can promote eustress […]

8 Possible Signs You Need To See A Psychologist

1.Overwhelmed. You might feel like you have too many things to do or too many issues to cope with. You might feel like you can’t rest or even breathe. Stress and being overwhelmed can lead to serious physical health concerns. 2.Fatigue- This physical symptom often results from or accompanies mental health issues. It can indicate depression. Fatigue can cause you […]