The art of rating an experience with perfection. Today I am going to rate a movie I recently saw, the movie’s name is ‘Man from Earth.’ The plot revolves around a man who has lived for 14,000 years! At first when you hear this you will think that it is just a movie without any sense, but later on the […]


“Curiouser and curiouser” Do you remember who said these lines? Yes! It was no other than Alice from the book ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ by Lewis Caroll. This very line shows us the curiosity filled in little Alice this shows that she wants to know and learn more. Curiosity is another form of innocence. (it is not always compulsory that innocence […]


To write feels good, to write feels independent it feels like flying away, you feel to dance and sway. Sometimes this makes no sense but, the pages of my imagination so thick, so dense. Every little word, every little letter helps me to understand myself better. There are peaks I want to reach, lives I want to touch. Your dreams […]

Happy Women’s day!

Women play a very important role in our lives. Some women are daughters, some women are wives, while some women are mothers. Without women the circle of life is not complete, women cook, they clean and take care of children that does not make them less important or unimportant, as a matter of fact this makes woman more important than […]

Old Memories…

Little did I know that these wonderful moments will turn into wonderful memories. Little did I see that the sandy will know no one else but me! flying in the wind, part of the tide those memories are part of me. those winds, those rides are nothing but some lovely sea. full of happy memories, full of sad ones too! […]


The rainbow goes the sunshine flows, the flowers and the shady tree. The cock just crows towards the lonely souls of no. 4 Stratton Ford and lee. What do you call a perfect summer’s day? Some lemon juice, a glass a truce. It’s almost just as free . The perfect way to celebrate your summer is just to be!