Day – 55, lockdown

Day – 55, lockdown

It’s been 55 days, and today I was thinking of something which I think is called social conflict. In the city I live in there are a whole lot of cases, so we’re all in the red zone. Movement in all parts of the city has been reduced, for obvious reasons of safety even in societies. But certain people feel the need of moving around. Maybe their tolerance level is low, I don’t know. They choose to move around, some wear masks and disinfect themselves when they come back home while others just stroll around and return back to their homes, they act as a host for the virus and also infect their family members.

Why do they act so carelessly? I have no clue, they don’t live under a rock I’m sure. They know about the outbreak, they also know how this stupid virus spreads, then why are they walking around without any caution? again, no clue.

While the obedient and virus-fearing people take all kinds of precaution, the others put not only our lives but also theirs in risk. Seriously my family and I are taking lots of caution. Even when we get the groceries home, we take a bath and also bathe the groceries, literally. My mom washes them in soap water and then keeps them out to dry in the balcony, what a world we live in.

My father used to go for his early morning jog every morning, but now he has stopped. The main reason is precaution but alongside there is social fear. Sounds weird, but when we see people strolling carelessly around, we judge them. Though we don’t want to, but in the back of our minds we all do, so my father doesn’t jog because he is a little bit afraid of what people might say. Nobody admits it, maybe they don’t even know it. But social fear is always there.

In a perfect world this outbreak shouldn’t be here, but if it was then everyone would follow the rules. They would know that by taking precautions they are not only saving themselves but also their families. Because come on, the entire city is in  the red zone. That means there are too many cases here, if too many people are infected chances are high that they could infect you too! There is a reason, why we are all under lockdown. Sure, go and have a nice walk. But, please come back and take a bath. What’s the harm in wearing a mask, it isn’t killing you to wear a mask, or to sanitise your hands, or even to wash your hands. So, please always be cautious because prevention is always better than cure.    

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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