Books and infinite loyalty…

Books and infinite loyalty…

Ahhh books, to be among them can be compared to simple bliss such as walking through wet grass, and breathing the pleasant scent of moist earth.
Both of them, give me the same pleasure and joy. Books can certainly be called friends, the best kind actually. In my book- Keya relationship, I’m the listener. As it talks about feelings and emotions, that are enclosed within it’s many pages I understand more of it, and enjoy listening to all of it’s sentiments and problems. These books, are capable of making the most impatient people into patient and kind listeners.
But when we’re done listening to it, we close it and put it down. For all it has done for us, this is how we repay it. But, no matter how many deep thoughts pour out of the book, it doesn’t feel much when we leave it. It will always wait for us, though it won’t be certain if we’ll ever come back, but it will still patiently wait on the dusty book shelves till its pages become dry, till there are no more emotion – less tears left, the books wait for their readers to come back, till they become lifeless and each one of their thoughts and words tear off and depart one by one.
That’s why I love books, mostly because of their endless loyalty and attachment towards the reader. So, to do justice to the books I never leave it in the middle, just because it got boring or something. Ever.
It comforts me that my love and attachment to all of my books, is not one sided. These books tell me interesting things, help me improve myself in many ways, and they’re so damn loyal. Who wouldn’t want friends like that?

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