New opportunities…

New opportunities…

So, some children in my school have started this new initiative. They’ve started a newspaper. And, when I first heard of it, “yay!!” Were the first words to enter my mind.
I tried to get all the information about the newspaper, one thing led to another and I ended up giving a few of my poems to be published in the upcoming edition of the newspaper.
When I first read the pilot edition my mind was truly blown. All the children who had contributed towards this newspaper were of my age, so much talent all concentrated in one place. All the work right from the website, to the editing and also all of the articles given were all planned and beautifully executed by kids my age.
The feeling is so amazing, watching my poem in the first page I felt tremendous joy and pleasure. Opportunities are found in every corner, you just need to take the efforts to find them.
All of the efforts put in to make the website and publish and edit the newspaper were huge. I felt proud knowing that all of it was done by my friends.
This jumping inside my stomach was a new kind of feeling, when I saw my name on that paper, that feeling was amazing, and it kinda opened my eyes.
I hope I can continue to contribute my work, and really look forward to so many more editions of this paper. Check out the link below…

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