My best friend and I

My best friend and I

My best friend and I,
We gossip and talk.
When we’re super bored,
We take long walks.
We stalk random people,
And creep them out.
Our walks are not normal, trust me.
We take photos,
Then gossip again.
In the blink of an eye,
Our topics change.
I’m the weird one in our friendship,
We go amazing together,
We’re as similar as truth and fibs,
Yeah, we’re actually totally opposite.
We only have Netflix in common,
Stupidity comes to us in fits.
And, we can read each other’s thoughts.
We always come in a package,
We wander around like unidentified baggage.
Whenever she’s not around,
I feel like I have nobody to talk to.
She’s my confidant,
I tell her everything,
In my happiness she has a huge part,
She makes my heart sing.
I’m always there for her,
I’m just the best example of a trust fall.
Minimum thirty minutes for each call,
I’m an expert at solving all her problems,
I’m her best friend after all.

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