Carry on…

Carry on…

Tell the wind to wait,
Its blowing too fast.
Carrying you away,
Not sure you’ll last.
Tell time to stop,
Everything’s knocking you off your feet,
All you’re left with is memories.
When you feel,
Everything going swiftly by.
In the blowing storm,
Nobody can hear you cry.
You need to carry yourself onward,
With great strength moving forward.
Tears streaming down your face,
Nobody around,
You have to carry on.
The storm will clear after some time,
But you can’t ever stop trying.
Even when the wind blows,
Or time soars.
After, every challenge there’s sure to be more.
But you can’t let it affect you,
Strong people like you,
Are only a few.
Acknowledge that fact,
Turn your tears into strength,
And attack.

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