Just 24 hours…

Just 24 hours…

I want a day, where I can sit on my balcony and look at the cloudy sky. Where I can appreciate it. I want a day, where I can enjoy everything without a single worry in my head. Where I can sit idle without my conscience telling me to get up and study. I can just sit there listening to my favourite songs, with that same fluttery feeling in my stomach, I had when I heard that song for the first time.
I’m not asking for anything else, just a day where I can sit and idle around without any guilt. I know for sure, that I fully deserve a guiltless day.
24 hours with wonderful weather, calm and peaceful thoughts. No thoughts about stupid racists, and pollution, and studies and homework.
24 beautiful soulful hours, with an empty head. No continuous chaos, nothing. Just silence. Is that really too much to ask for

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