Why I love my brain.

Why I love my brain.

Finally reached the peak of my sarcastic abilities…;)

Well, my brain has that amazing ability to make me feel like I don’t have to do a thing in the world. Let’s take today’s example…
Me-: I have to go study, after this game I’m going to switch off my phone.
Brain-: You know, you don’t have to study today…
Me-: Why?
Brain-: Because, you have math tuition today, you’re going to study in the tuition anyway, shouldn’t you like chill and take a break? You finished an entire chapter yesterday!
Me-:(half convinced and fully aware that I was going to study history not math.)Yeah but…
Brain-: Keya, you don’t want to stress yourself out, do you?
Me-: (Super convinced.) Yeah, you’re right too much studying is hazardous for health.
And that’s where that short and weird conversation with my brain ends. With me fully convinced and committed to not study and my brain, very happy that it does not need to be used much.
Like, this sounds stupid but that is the exact conversation I had with MYSELF.
And, this is the point where I understand that there is one bed in the mental hospital that’s empty just for me. I have always procrastinated and blamed it on something or somebody else, this time it was a part of me.
And it’s so damn ironic, that I am fully aware that I am procrastinating as I’m writting this blog.

‘The heights of hilarity can only be reached if your brain is involved in your antics.’ I have made this quote and my brain was involved, there you get your proof. There’s a reason why almost all of the stories I have read have a MAD scientist. 😉

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