I hate maths, but it’s not because it’s hard. But, because the way it affects me. My confidence always shatters when I study math, it has the ability to confront me the way nobody can.
Math comes easily to so many people, but it’s always the same for me. I go for the tests thinking I’m prepared, look at the questions and immediately wish I could go home.
Math is my excuse for low confidence. For me math questions are the most unnerving things in the universe. The few times I’ve genuinely felt interested in the subject was when the chapter was easy. But, as I grow so does the difficulty level of the subject, and also the blandness of the books. Like, literally a few years ago my math book was colourful and full of different images and interesting examples. Interesting books fascinate students, and make it easy for young minds to absorb the information. But as we grow, the publishers assume that our need for vivid examples and more graphic details has perished.
Let me be so kind to give you an example.
So, if Jack has 3 apples and Lauren has 4, what is the distance between the sun and the earth?(jokes are easier than math.) So, if the ninth grade math book will have a brightly coloured sun and two innocent children standing on the earth, and a purple colour line between the sun and the earth. The question will become so much more interesting to read, so much more appealing.
But my ninth grade text book is so dull. I feel sleepy just looking at it. No illustrations, no colour, nothing.
How much ever people put effort into teaching me math, its going to be hard for me to improve. Because, I along with lots of others am drawn to creativity and design and vibrancy. It is difficult for my brain to function without all of this.
Math is hard, sure. But, being bad at it is even more hard. So, even without all the vibrancy and all the colours I have to manage, so best of luck to me, hope I dont mess all of this up. Oh yeah, and by the way the distance between the earth and the sun is 151.84 million km…;)

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      Sorry to hear about your math troubles! Let me just say I can relate. I also happen to run a math blog for high school students called mathsux, maybe it can help and yes, it does have fun colors!

      Let me know what you think! 🙂

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