They wander in your head,
Like lost hopes filled with dread.
Broken dreams shatter like glass,
You can see your reflection,
Crumbled in half.
When things seem bleak,
They come in the forms of nightmares.
Ain’t I in enough misery?
That these painful dreams haunt me in flares.
Some, they lightly burn.
But others they painfully ignite.
Bringing up that one thought,
You try to push down with all your might.
They say follow us,
We’re not just a part of your imagination.
We’re a part of your desires,
With us you have to be patient.
We don’t help you sleep,
We actually keep you awake.
Thinking of what will happen,
If you jump off the cliff,
Into the lake.
Will you drown, or taken in with bait?
Or will you simply swim,
With the support of your faith.
They whisper in your head,
We’ll keep you alive.
When you feel like you’re drowning,
We’ll answer your cry.

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