Online classes

Online classes

They tell us to adjust,
but it feels so awful.
My laziness mingled with disgust,
The teachers are working hard,
But what’s the point?
We don’t get a thing,
And that’s annoying.
When she tells us to unmute ourselves,
To answer a question,
I go to Google for help,
With innocent intentions.
Online classes are absurd,
They make everything hard.
They leave me feeling deterred
The connection’s bad from the start.
I have clapped instead of raising a hand Leaving the teacher confused,
And me in deep sand.
Screenshare’s the worst,
Especially when she’s drawing a diagram,
It looks like a finger painting,
Rather than a diaphragm!
Teachers, I know your doing your best.
In these difficult times,
Its hard to feel blessed.
We’re all trying to pay attention,
But we’re in the comfort of our homes.
There are far more distractions,
Than were in the classrooms.

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