The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Have you ever felt like the elephant in the room?
The people in that corner, silently referring to you.
The way they cast their looks,
You understand it’s bad,
You don’t know what they’re talking about,
And it drives you mad.
Your brain starts making all kinds of conclusions,
Until you start feeling highly delusional.
Is it my mind or are they really pointing at me?
Why are they’re reactions so oblique?
Then suddenly you feel a rush of rage,
Coursing through your veins,
All that unidentified pain.
What did I do wrong?
Why are people so mean?
Your brain’s assumptions making you even more keen.
Then you find yourself moving across the room,
Going to those people,
Trembling as you move.
As you’re standing in front of them,
You sense fear in their eyes.
Their no different than others,
Just chock full of lies.
They quickly make small talk,
We were just talking about you!
You stand still as a rock.
Confront them,
A part of your brain tells you.
But you stand right there,
Your respond to their lies due.
Another helpless situation,
Where you backed out.
You freaked,
You snapped,
But your words were trapped.
Another helpless elephant,
In whom confidence lacked.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction. Quit listening to people’s opinions when it comes to you. What really matters is not how everyone else views you, but how you view yourself. When people treat you like they don’t care, Believe Them! God Bless & keep writing

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