Day-Last, Lockdown

So, news. Big, big news. Today is my last lockdown blog, I kind of thought about ending it on day 70. But here I am, god I really regret this. Why am I regretting this? I wanted to do this, I’m doing it by choice, its what I want!

Anyways, my problems are confusing and will always remain confusing. But, why am I abruptly ending this? Oh, that’s because lockdown is finished! Well, actually not exactly, but everything is nearly coming to an end, it feels like this whole nightmare is coming to an end.

Maharashtra, with the most number of cases is growing. We have understood, that we cannot stay indoors the whole time, and we have found solutions. The unlock process is finally starting. Today I looked outside and I saw a packed road, with cars following one after the other. A sight I hadn’t seen for a very longtime, I took this as a sign, a sign telling me that the lockdown is coming to an end.

Though, we will have to still keep wearing mask and taking precautions, but in a month we will all be leading our everyday lives with an added accessory, the masks.

And, I’m totally fine with that. At first, I said that I tried to avoid the truth about the outbreak, and I avoided wearing masks, and thats why I avoided going outside. Well, now there’s nothing to avoid! And, there is absolutely nothing to hide from, day by day we are all learning to come outside of our caves and face the sunlight.

These 68 days, were overwhelming. But, they were also some of the best days of my life. I don’t even know how I’m saying that now, look at how this pandemic has changed me. When you read my earlier posts and compare them with now, you can certainly point out how I’ve grown. The clarity in my recent blogs is like never before. It’s all newly acquired, and its all new territory.

I wasn’t my best on all days, but everyday taught me something new. This new normal is going to take a lot of time to adjust. But we’ll eventually learn. Humans are made to adapt, and to learn and take in knowledge from new experiences. And, that is exactly what I’ve done. I never thought I’d be saying this, especially in a non sarcastic tone but, I would like to thank lockdown for making me a better person.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Covid-19 phase was the time for reset, the time to look into one’s inner self, the time to leave things damaging you & your life. Precautions help to keep one safe, but awareness safeguards one from all evils. The secret of being happy is accepting where one is in life and making the most out of everyday. Start afresh and build the new you. God Bless & keep writing.

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        I will definitely miss reading this, I would read this blog everyday. It would be really good to know that even some of my friends are having the same problems as me. It will definitely be missed. It was truly a great blog series! 😀

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