Day-67, Lockdown

Day-67, Lockdown

Day 67, it’s going to be day 70 in three days time. My holidays are finally finishing, and well I’m seeing my friends again. So much has changed in the past 67 days. Almost every wonderful thing felt like it has been snatched away, but now they are all slowly returning. Things have finally started going back to normal, the new normal atleast…

But there’s not much wrong with this new normal. We’re learning plenty new things from it, starting from how to wear a mask right up to how to stay mentally healthy in these situations. For my generation, this is all kind of new. We’ve seen some kinds of diseases come and go, but none of them led to a world wide lockdown like this.

That’s alright though, that’s fine. Learning something new, and experiencing something different. Learning more about yourselves. Though, recently I’m giving less attention to this lockdown blog. Because it is very tiring and frustrating.

67 days is a commitment goal for me, I’ve never been up to anything great like this for so long. But great things lead to even greater dilemmas. That’s the truth, and the truth always kinda hurts.

Ehh I feel like due to this lockdown so many stones in my life have turned, so many milestones covered. So much about me has been revealed, to myself and the readers of this blog. Because, writing it has given me lots of insight, of how I function and deal with stressful situations.

The more I wrote, the more clearer everything became. These blogs lead to so many discussions inside of my head. Some, didn’t make sense at all while some others really opened my eyes.

Well, that’s all for today. Maybe, the heaviness of the air and the foggy weather outside kind of forced me to think about this.

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      Normalcy is like a paved road – very comfortable to walk on, but no flowers grow. Normalcy is being able to enjoy the simple things in life. The road to recovery after an accident is not always a peaceful journey. Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors. Life is a series of countless tiny miracles, all one needs to be able to do is to notice them. Never allow a season of loneliness to become a lifestyle of despair. God Bless & keep writing.

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