Day-63, Lockdown

Day-63, Lockdown

Umm, today was a Tuesday. Gosh, thats all I can think about to write. There’s a reason, why yesterday’s blog is posted so late. I has nothing to write, I wrote five different articles and deleted all of them. My brain was literally paining, not my head but my brain.

I felt exhausted, because I have spent a lot of my time and energy on this blog. And, to see my perfect record get ruined because of one silly day really put me down.

I have tried a lot, but I can’t find any solution to this problem. These are the problem one faces, when they try to start something big. Consistency, commitment. 

Every time, I think about letting these blog go something stops me. I don’t know why, but i just can’t but yesterday I really faced a huge boulder in my path and instead of trying to remove it from the way I just found a way around it. There seemed no another way, it was almost as if I had given up…

Well, thats all for today because I’m having serious trouble even putting different words together so…bye.

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      Sometimes the mind goes blank – a sparsity or words, a numbness of feelings and it needs something that touches so deep to understand that it’s alive and not completely dead. Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm. God Bless & keep writing

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