Day-62, Lockdown

Day-62, Lockdown

It was a long day today, nothing was wrong with it. It just didn’t end as quickly as it should. Some days I go to bed thinking, ‘ah, what a wonderful day it was…’ while some others I just grump off to sleep. 

The days are not going fast or slow or somewhere in between. I know that doesn’t make sense, but thats how it is. Remember, how I said before that the days were going too fast to do anything? Well thats not the case anymore, at least thats not the case everyday.  I totally forgot what day it was today, I sat for two minutes wondering what day of the week it was. Then I looked at the calendar on the wall, but I couldn’t tell what the date was too! 

It’s like I’ve gotten out of the infinite loop I was in, but now my spaceship is going in hyper speed  mode every now and then, thats why its hard to tell time. That’s the only explanation I could come up with. Because that is exactly how I feel.

It’s not a bad feeling, just a queasy one. The way you feel when you’re inside a super fast roller coaster in this case a spaceship.

I feel like its my fault, its because of my perception that time is going fast. Like its maybe my subconscious is convincing me that time is going fast and I can’t do anything about it. Whatever it is I’m still trying to find that specific defect and correct it, because thats what this lockdown is all about.

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      Never regret a day in your life. Bad days give us experience, the worst days give us lessons. Good days give us happiness and the best days give us memories. Life is that elevator where on it’s way up or down, it sometimes stop to let some people off and some people on. God Bless & keep writing

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