Day-60, Lockdown

Day-60, Lockdown

Whoa, day 60? Already?

I  really can’t believe that its been 60 days, its been 2 months since I have stayed at home. Almost all the places surrounding my house are under containment.

And the roads I can see from my house are all empty, every now and then an ambulance passes by. It looks so freaky, almost surreal. Philosophers keep saying that humans deserve this, what sins have humans performed to be living in this hell?

I really don’t know if I side with these philosophers, innocent people are dying! Every day there are 100 more cases. All these years people kept getting infected due to different diseases, but nowadays people have suddenly become short sighted. When a person coughs or sneezes people assume he has been infected by coronavirus, nobody thinks about the other diseases, the life threatening ones. WHO has declared that there is just a 5% death 

When some person gets admitted in the hospital, they all assume it’s coronavirus. As thousands are dying due to the virus, more are dying due to cancer and heart disease and other non communicable diseases. And the saddest part is nobody can do much except find a vaccine.

So much at stake for so many people, in these times we should all be feeling thankful about our families and the love we are all surrounded by. We should also pray for the people who are infected and for their families, as they are all going through a lot. We should also pray for the people looking after these people.

The police force, the doctors, the fire fighters and others were always essential, but we have all realised that now as we are going thorough these crisis. We have started thanking them now because we all just took in this fact. But they were always risking their lives, they were always fighting for others. 

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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