Day-56, Lockdown

Day-56, Lockdown

Remember how I had made a silly little pledge to not leave the house until lockdown gets over? That’s kind of the person I am, I am sensitive and emotional and can take things very personally. I often tend to get emotionally attached to certain things pretty quickly. That pledge I took, was an example of my sensitivity. ( I’m not talking about sensitive teeth, but I have those too. :))

Today, I did another such thing. I tied a ribbon on my wrist, yes sounds pretty silly doesn’t it? Well, I decided to wear this ribbon until the day I can safely step out of the house. The day when this nightmare is declared over. And, suddenly a thought came to my mind. Am I the only person doing this? Not tying a ribbon to my hand, but suddenly feeling attached to this lockdown. I have read about other people struggling in this lockdown and how they are coping with it. It’s like, I suddenly can’t imagine a world without this pandemic. Like someone closed my eyes, and I can only see darkness, nothing else.

It’s a weird feeling, really. And I feel guilty about it, that feeling I had where I wanted the lockdown to get over. It’s fading away. Not that I don’t want the lockdown to end, but like I am telling it,’’take as much time as you want.’’

Maybe its because of my holidays going on, everything seems chill, no online classes. I guess once my classes start this feeling will go, I hope so.

Anyways, this ribbon I tied to my hand. I take it as a symbol, its like a victory flag. Waiting to be waved on the day the war gets over.

That’s all I had to write for today, ribbons, attachments and weird dark feeling.

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      We human beings have a remarkable way of growing accustomed to things. Everything in life is unusual until one gets accustomed to it. It’s important to be able to step outside one’s comfort zone and be challenged with something one is not familiar with or accustomed to. That is this challenge which allows one to see what one can do. We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving. God Bless & keep writing.

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