Day-50, Lockdown

Day-50, Lockdown

Today something very ironic happened. All these days, I kept talking about day 50 coming closer and what I thought about it. And I completey forgot what day it was today, it was my mom who reminded me. She asked me what I was going to write for the 50th day of lockdown, and that she saw it as a huge milestone.

โ€˜Itโ€™s day 50 already?โ€™ Was my response, and I realised it is a huge milestone, It is not just a number, no its much more than that. I had said before that humans are stubborn, well this lockdown has taught us another thing, patience or more importantly tolerance.

Tolerance doesnโ€™t always mean, trying to bear with something that irritates you, it also in one way means showing will power. 

Humans not only have the amazing ability to learn but also to grow. There is a reason people become wiser with age, they learn with experience. And, this wonderful experience has been a real roller coaster with lots of bumps and loops in the way, but once you have overcome your fear of heights, roller coasters always seem fun.

All of these 50 days, will never be just 50 days of my life, but 50 days of a wonderful adventure, an unforgettable time. I learnt to look at the better side of situations, I learnt how to smile and enjoy the moment we live in. I finally overcame that laziness phase, I moved on to the implementing stage. I read more books, studied more, and of course played more video games, and with that I became a better multitasker. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things seemed less dreadful, more cheery. Less clouds, more rainbow. If I do say so myself I have grown up in the past 50 days, with every blog I wrote I felt more mature. More space in my brain cleared, more air to breathe. 

I felt less suffocated every day, and my complains lessened, though I did not stop to whine about my school every now and then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over all, I learnt the importance of optimism and how much I need the company of my family around, every day I have learnt something new and remarkable.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Tolerance is forged when people look beyond their own desires. In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher. If tolerance, respect and equity permeate family life, they will translate into values that shape societies, nations & the world. Life is that painting where we draw the lines with hope & erase the errors with tolerance. Just dip the brush with lots of patience & color it with love. God Bless & keep writing.

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