Day-48, Lockdown

Day-48, Lockdown

I have nothing to write about today, it’s about to be 50 days soon. And that thought keeps hovering in my mind, it won’t go. I am finally feeling a bit better, and this stupid thought keeps haunting me. It keeps reminding me, how I haven’t seen my friends for 50 days, how I haven’t seen the roads of my beloved city for 50 days. So what? 

I have begun to cherish this lockdown, finally. But, I keep occasionally breaking down. Crying and wailing about how much I miss everyone and the rest of pune, and how I had epic summer plans. Sometimes, to calm my nerves I try to remember the road to all of my favourite places in pune. Then I imagine myself in those places, moving around. Somehow it soothes me, its weird but it works.

Every other day, I feel a little less helpless, I see a little more hope. It’s like everyday there’s more cheer than the day before. I guess, since my holidays started and I get to wake up super late, and have it my own way things are looking much more better than they did before. My mood’s better. Because, face it if you wake up each day complaining wishing nobody would ever wake you up, and crying out of despair because you desperately want to sleep, well that doesn’t make up for a very good day.

But, when I wake up after a good nights sleep, take a bath, study a bit and do whatever I want for the rest of the day, it is much more promising.

My point is that, even though some part of me wants me to be miserable for some reason, and always tries to remind me of my woes. I think of the bright side, after all of these days I have learnt something very helpful, something that is needed in such situations, there is a bright side to everything, and this kind of thinking is called optimistic point of view, or the ‘glass half full’ point of view, and from now on it is my favourite point of view. :).  

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      Every day is another chance to change one’s life. Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile & start again. Waking up to see another day is a blessing. Never take it for granted. Make it count and be happy that you are alive. Good days gives one happiness & bad days gives one experience. Life is actually too short to live the same day twice. God Bless & keep writing.

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