Day-47, Lockdown

Day-47, Lockdown

Hobbies, I was thinking about hobbies today. Why do people have hobbies? 

The obvious answer is they have certain hobbies, because they enjoy in doing those things. but, there is more to hobbies then meets the eye.

Such a simple word, with such a simple definition. Then why do I want to make everything complicated and intricate ? Because, well its my hobby.

Something that gives us pleasure, but it has to be productive at the same time. Can we call it recreation? Maybe we can. But, hobbies lead to so many different things, so many different paths, goals. Creativity leads to having hobbies, hobbies lead to elaborate and greater thinking.

Hobbies soothe the mind, that’s why people tell us to create new hobbies or indulge in the old ones to be stress free.

It’s kind of obvious though, stress comes when you feel boxed in, or prevented from doing something. But when you take part in something you love doing, your mind is somehow calmed, and time somehow slips from the palm of your hand like sand. 

But the feeling isn’t troublesome, you don’t feel hasty, just peaceful. Some people love singing or dancing, others like collecting stamps or souvenirs. When they do these activities, they give it their all. And, they will do all they can, to improve it. To become a better singer, dancer, to collect more stamps they can go to lengths. 

People tell us to do what we love the most, because it can give birth to a whole new world, a world full of possibilities and ideas. Helen Keller always said that,

“When one door of happiness closes another one is opened. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.’’

And, this is how I intend to look at this situation, doing what I love with optimism, and a hope for a world full of new opportunities…

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. Happy is the person who is living by his/her hobby. Find the time for the things that makes one feel happy to be alive. Without commitment, one cannot have depth in anything, that includes a hobby too. Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. God Bless & keep writing.

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