Day-46, Lockdown

Day-46, Lockdown

The number of days are increasing, and everyday I hold my head trying to think of something to write about. And today is one of those days, when how much ever I hit my head nothing is going to come. But, I know that I am going to end up writing something or the other.

But, its like I have covered all of the obvious topics, or the ones everyone thinks about. But one of my favourite is the one where I complain about my school, one thought lead to another and now I know what to write about.

So, all of these days I have had to wake up early and study. But, today  was the first day of my holiday, should not I be happy, the answer is yes. So am I happy? 

By a long shot. All of these days I have been complaining about these classes and how much I hate them. Oh yes, I still hate them. But this is not my holiday that’s going on, oh no its the first cycle. This lockdown has not let me relax even for a little while. 16 march was the day my school ended, 3rd April was the day online classes started. Between 16 march and 3rd April we were given projects to complete, from 3rd April to 8 May I have not been able to catch a break, finally, they decide to give us one. But, guess what its a study leave in disguise. My ‘break’ is from 8 march to 20 march, during this time I thought I would be allowed to relax and finally get some time to find the perks in this lockdown.

But yesterday we were told that after 20 may revision tests would be held, that will be counted in our ninth grade exams, held after the school starts. We are expected to study in our break and prepare for these tests ( I am holding my urge to call these tests stupid, there I said it, or rather typed it) our well earned break, has been turned into a study leave.

And, how will these tests be held. That’s a whole different question to be asked. I read in the news, that schools have been told to cut down half of the syllabus. But, I know for sure our school won’t do it. You want to know why? Because we have finished half of the syllabus in the online classes! 

Everything goes so fast, nobody, not even for a second stops. Stops to revise, to recount, and by the way, asking questions isn’t recounting. Like, why would our school even do this? Can’t they trust the children enough, or can’t they take the recaps after the school starts. This year my summer vacation and all of my wonderful plans have gone down the drain, and worse I am studying, when I was supposed to be hanging out with my friends. And, what are they even catching up on. Yes, we were supposed to have normal school from 2 April to 24 April,  but then it was supposed to be our time. Gosh, I  have to go now and eat some ice cubes to cool down. That is all for today…  

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      Life is an oxymoron. It’s bitterly sweet. It’s an honest lie. It’s an unbelievable belief. It’s a painful relief. One can’t predict the actual sense of it unless one feels it. The purpose of our lives is to be happy and as every day is a new day, one will never be able to find happiness if one didn’t move on. After all Life isn’t about finding oneself, Life is about Creating Oneself. God Bless & keep writing.

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