Day-43, Lockdown

Day-43, Lockdown

I read a book today too, nice day it was. Passed very quickly though.

I have been thinking recently about how our lives would be post lockdown. Will it all be the same again? Or will we finally learn, more about Mother Nature and how to treat it? Like most of us are going through such a thing for the first time, and this is a process, a long and difficult one. Maybe we will be able to fit in some learning, I certainly hope so.

Will everything go back to the way it was? Can it? I don’t think it can, though we are supposed to be stubborn, haven’t the humans learnt anything from this experience? Certainly it has made us wiser, but if the humans go back to their own ways after this pandemic, then we all ain’t just a stubborn lot but also a hopeless one.

I know, I’m talking like this lockdown is about to end, I have no idea what is going to happen for sure. But, I know one thing for certain is that I am a whole lot wiser than I was before all of this. You didn’t learn anything from this experience, nothing new or interesting? When you search for the answer to that carefully, you will find it. You have to, you must have learnt something, even the smallest things count. Like maybe, you washed your dishes for the first time, or maybe you found a whole other side to you, or you found a new hobby. When you go to the deeper side, there a so many things to learn emotionally. Like I found my tolerance level or the level at which the words “I’m about to lose it!’’ Escape my mouth. I found out how important my friends are. Some are like my emotional support animals, they always lift my spirits when they are around me. I realised that there are a lot of things I should feel blessed for.

A day full of realisations and satisfactory answers to hundreds of questions in my head, I know that I should have saved this for the last. But first I would have forgotten all of it, and second I don’t even know when the end is, how far or close it is. Third of all I kind of look at today’s blog as the bright side to all of this mess, and I haven’t looked at the bright side for a lot of days now…

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3 thoughts on “Day-43, Lockdown

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      Just read your blog. Once again you impressed me with your maturity.

      Best way to grow is to have questions and you have many. Neither the world be same again nor you will be. Realisation that you gain through practical experience, many firsts in the life, is definitely making you wiser. Sharing your experience is helping many to understand themselves. Keep up your habit of getting questions.

      If not totally, life will be almost back to normal sooner than we expect. Please continue your blog even then after.

      You shall not only read many but also write a book sooner.

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      The place between one’s comfort zone and one’s dream is where life takes place. It may take a painful experience to make one change his/her ways, but magic happens when one does not give up even though one wants to. The Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. Pursuit of happiness is not a chase but a realization – a realization that life is worth living despite occasional visits of sadness. God Bless & keep writing.

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      Dear Keya,
      You are doing wonderful work. It will be very useful in your life. Keep on writing.
      With best wishes
      Krishna Singhal

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