Day-42, Lockdown

I can actually say that I did something today, something productive I mean.

For almost two hours in the afternoon I read a book, two hours of my life not wasted. It felt good, you know. I know, all these days when I talked about something productive, book reading was also covered. After my last book review, I read one more book and I stopped. There was a span of almost ten days, these ten days I wrote about feeling useless and wasted. Well, at least now I know why. Books are just like friends, okay not exactly like friends. But, sometimes I find more solace with a book than with a friend, especially a good and interesting book.

Isn’t it weird? How one day, you keep groaning and whining about how you are not doing productive, and the next day… Well, it is certainly different. Today’s day was a less out of tune, less gray more colourful, less painful. It has been only ten days, but it has certainly felt like ten months.

When I say that I miss all of my friends, well I don’t have to! Books are friends too, right? Then why not leave them out, if I can’t meet my real friends I’d rather spend more of my time with books! This too was a part of my thoughts, buried with all the other ones. And as I am sharing each of my thoughts each day, I feel lighter and more happier. Maybe, by the end of this lockdown I will be able to levitate. 🙂

By reading a book, it feels as if more space in my brain has cleared. Everything feels more clear, and its like I am starting of a clean slate. I feel more fresh, and more cheery. Every evening my mood changes it goes from slightly happy to extremely mad at everything.

But, it felt like the wind had finally changed direction, and the cold breeze I was talking about since so many days. Well, now I can feel it on my face gently sliding past brushing my face lightly. I had talked about going outside, at times just to feel the breeze, but now I can all in the comfort of my home.

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      Books are a uniquely portable magic. Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life. The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes one think. A dot is all that is needed to make a point. One knows one has read a good book when one turns the last page and feels a little as if one has lost a friend. A book is a dream that one holds in one’s hands. God Bless & keep writing

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      Very nice keya… Keep writing.. And keep motivating us..

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      Very nice👏👏

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