Day-39, Lockdown

Day-39, Lockdown

A few days ago, my parents and I were sitting outside in the balcony and talking about how the lockdown has affected us all, and both my parents said that they thought the days were passing pretty fast, then they told me to admit it too.  At first I denied this fact, but when I thought it over I confessed to myself, that the days are going too fast.

‘But, that isn’t possible’ I thought to myself. Time only goes fast when you are enjoying it, and some days feel like living hell. I decided that this was an argument against my own. I thought all of this over, and I had a realisation. 

I recollected, how all the days of this lockdown have passed, everyday I woke up and promised myself I would do sometime productive. Yes, the days are going too fast, too fast to do anything or any work. Nothing is going as I expected it to.

Have you ever felt like this, like you wanted to do something really badly. But, you feel like you don’t have any time, though you are doing nothing. It feels like the days have been sped up by someone, and everything is going in flash forward.

Like you have no idea what you did three days ago, so you link it with present day. And, the conclusion you come up with is that the things you did today were the same things you did that today. I know right, this does not make sense at all. But, it does to me, these are the thoughts going on in the back of my mind put into words. Why are they in the back of my head? Because they were forced to go there, by me. I have always avoided the things that confuse or trouble me. Never, have I fought them.

It is the same case scenario now. But, let us get to this senseless time scenario. I have said many times, that time flies when we don’t want it too, when we want to savour every moment. This is kind of my way of saying that time is never on our side. But this time, I really really want time to fly. And, now that I know that it is. I have no idea what to do. I can’t stop it, or slow it down, so what I do? I don’t want to savour this time, call it my stubbornness if you will? But with thousands dying out there, I can’t find it in myself to hold these memories close to me.

That’s all for today…

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      All of us on this planet, irrespective of caste, creed, age, social standing, sex…etc, have one thing in common – without any partiality. We all have a day with 24 hours in it. No one can crib of having a second less and no one can boast of having a second more. If the bad news is that time flies, then the good news is you are the pilot. There is more to life than being a mere passenger! God Bless & keep writing

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