Day-33, Lockdown

Day-33, Lockdown

Today’s was like the casual day I experience nothing new or different whatsoever. But, while I was writing this I realised that everyday has some changes of its own, everyday is special in its own way. Very minimal things like the lunch we ate, it is different everyday.

The people we meet, new conversations every day. Imagine if we do the same thing everyday, we talk in the same way, eat the same food, and meet the same people. Life would be such a bore. Right now, I can not exactly say that everyday is the same, and that is what I have been saying since the past (lots of) days. And, I thought about it today, and I realised that what I do is in my hands. True, half of the time I do feel like my hands are bound by some thick chains, but that’s just my imagination.

If I can imagine myself bound by chains, then I can also break free from them.

And, I had never looked at anything with this point of view until today, like I said yesterday, I am rethinking this entire lockdown. Surprisingly, it is soothing and I am sailing smoothly now, I have promised myself no more rough waters anymore.

My parents are spending more time in our balcony now. We have decorated it beautifully with the fairy lights and the lanterns, the aura is very peaceful. And, the cold breeze that blows in the evening is even more calming. 

This is an opportunity for everyone to look at everything with a whole new perception, this makes the journey a little easy. When I was little, and when me and my family would go on a road trip, I would always feel sick. So, my mother would tell me to sleep for a while so that when I wake up, we would have already reached there. Right now if you ‘sleep’ ( if you literally want to sleep all the days away, go for it! :)) this journey will end a lot faster.

Today was an eye opener, but that is all folks…

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Never regret any day in your life. Good days give us happiness and the so called bad days gives one experience. Like they say, never judge one’s story by the chapter one has just walked in on. If one wishes to see the rainbow, one has also got to put up with the rain. After all, one one’s life will flash before one’s eyes – make sure it’s worth watching. God Bless & keep writing.

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