Day-30, Lockdown

Day-30, Lockdown

It has been a month since we have been under lockdown, a month since we have not stepped out of our houses. (Apart from grocery shopping)

It feels more than a month for me, but that’s alright I am learning new things, and am part of a totally new experience.

Today was my dad’s birthday, and we had a blast. I woke up and at first followed the boring routine of attending my classes, then I got ready for a wonderful day lying ahead of me. 

A birthday does not need to be full of partying all day around, it can just be you and your loved ones enjoying family time. Though, what I mentioned earlier would be an awesome day. Today was lovey too.

I didn’t go for the common birthday card approach for my dad’s birthday, I made a coupon book. Yes, each page had things like one whole day when I do everything my dad wants, and one day when I do my daddy’s chores and so on. I was expecting him to cash them all in today, but he said he was going to keep them close to him for the future, when they will of more use to him. And, I just realised this coupon idea was a total backfire. 🙂

The cake was truly scrumptious, it was a mango flavoured cake, it left me begging for seconds. For later that day, my mom had a brilliant idea. She said that we should recreate our old photos and the result was a daughter and her dad taking some adorable pictures, this day was full of joy and laughter.

I am pretty sure that my dad enjoyed the celebrations. In fact, he thanked my mom and I for making his birthday so special. Truly a day to remember…

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      Not only she’s a brilliant writer but also has wonderful ideas to make someone’s day! Lovely!!!

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      Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored. Fear tricks us into living a boring life. One needs to take life day-by-day and be grateful for the little things. Never get caught up in what one can’t control. After all life is to be enjoyed not endured. God Bless & Keep writing.

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